10 Planning Tips for building your awesome Website in 2020

10 Planning Tips for building your awesome Website in 2020

Are you planning a super fast website for your business then you are at the right place,

Our team of expert IT consultants are here to guide you on how to get an awesome super fast user-friendly website which your customers enjoy navigating

In this article we are letting you know the 10 important things to consider before starting to build a website

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1.UI Design

Design is both art and science when we plan a website the uttermost thing to plan first is User Interface [UI] Design  of Website as in 2020 we all know how important Is to consider the interface and design elements of a website ,if you are planning a website development always  ask for UI design first,it helps you ideate ,iterate and get all your content and Design placed properly

Bonus Tip – Ask for references of UI design in your same business categories this gives you an idea how your competitors have made there UI design

when u have an idea for any product make sure to hire UI design company and involve them as stakeholders

2) Information architecture

You bring your complete business into a Digital space that is why it’s important to align all your categories, product details and support,contact in a proper structured way

So building your information architecture before web designing and web development is important

Bonus tip – ask for wireframes for your information architecture, its basically LFI – Low fidelity prototype where you can iterate and it’s always better before  building the website

information architure for website design

3) Brand Tonality of your Website-

every website is uniquely crafted and has different shades and texture, it has various composition of colors and fonts and when it settles down it creates a brand tonality for your business,

It’s important to set the right brand tone of your website

Bonus Tip – Ask for color pallets and templates which suits your business colors

Brand Tonality in Website

4) Copywriting of your Website-

A good copywriting makes your business distinctive and set you apart from your competitors also Google and users both love good quality content ,So  a good website not only generate leads but also gives you sales and revenue So it’s important how you do copywriting in your web pages

Bonus Tip – Always Write Unique copy, Google AI have 99% accuracy in checking plagiarism

Copywriting for Website Design Services

5) Website Features and functionality

what features do you want to build in your website ? it can be a web form to get lead data or some interactive quizzes and surveys to get feedback ,List down all features which u want your users to interact with it helps web designing  and development team to ideate better

Bonus Tip – List features which gives great interactive experiences to users

Website Features and Functionalities

6) Mobile Responsiveness -of your Website

In 2020  we have 70 cr. Smartphone users with 4G internet connectivity in India – So we have to design our Website with Mobile first approach your desktop

Bonus tip – Use Google Mobile Usability tool and check your page score

Mobile Responsiveness in Website Design

7)Page Loading Speed of your Website-

By far the page loading speed of your website whether in desktop or mobile is the most important factor for User experience as well as for SERP  , always check page loading speed of your website

Bonus tip – use tools like Kingdom/gtmetrix/chrome console to test page speed

Page loading Speed SEO factor

8) Web Admin panel

when you are building a dynamic website asking for web admin panel so that you can view your contacts and update content from the panel only also you can ask for a panel for sending sms and email from the web Admin panel

Bonus tip- Check admin panel frequently to know about customers who have contacted your business through website

Web Admin panel

9) Integrations with tools –

Building websites in 2020 should come with integrations of tools, there are many tools for Live chat, user intelligence, analytics,CRM,Sms,Email marketing etc which you should equip your website for better performance.

Bonus tips – Check these 10 important tools to integrate with your website in 2020

Integration with tools

10)SEO friendly website-

the purpose of website should not be limited to just providing  information only but all web pages should be SEO optimized so that u can rank easily in Google search ,it helps you to give organic leads and inquiry as well as for brands its important to be there and  when customers is searching  for solutions

Bonus tip– Use different keywords in different pages don’t stuff important keywords in home page only

SEO freindly Website


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