Digital marketing in Raipur [ 5 FAQ you must know]

How to Choose Digital marketing institute in Raipur ?

To choose best Digital marketing institute you must evalute institute in following parameters

  1. Faculty experience and qualification
  2. Syllabus that what exactly course will be covered What topics will be taught ?
  3. Practical case study solving
  4. Notes and assignment
  5. Feedback of past students
  6. Course fees
  7. Paid internship after course completion
  8. Employibilty after course completion

U can ask from the ex students about the course delivery and the learning impact they had after completing the course

How much is Digital marketing course fees in Raipur

Second you must know about the fees generally in our coaching academy we offer two different courses short term course and ling term course whose fees varies from 5000 to 15000 rs

Although I consider fees as an investment in our self and we should always invest I. Our self and grow

Engineering and management have totally failed the industry expectations companies need skilled people who can perform and do there job with higher productivity

How to get Digital marketing internships in raipur

In raipur various companies are offering internships and jobs

After completing of Digital marketing training course does the institute is providing you paid internship ? as after training if you have actually learned the skill the course should make you employable

So ask for courses which can give you internships and at least you can get what investment u have done in your course

How to get Digital marketing jobs in raipur ?

Generally without gaining skills people search for jobs and have an expectation to get job instantly

I ahve personally interviewed more than 100+ aspirants and found that they lack basic communication skills and understand of basic marketing even candidates ahve worked in various companies and when asked about Digital marketing they simply say they know to post in all pages and some ads

Before seeking a job a candidate must do his SWOT analysis also learn some basic skills which he or she can perform and deliver

How to choose the right Digital markteing course for you ?

Well there are various Digital marketing courses for an example

  1. SEO course
  2. Facebook and Instagram marketing course
  3. Google ads (Search ads , display ,YouTube ads)
  4. Marketing automation course

Businesses and brands have omnichannel strategy you must be well versed for all channels and know all skills

So u first start with Facebook and Instagram marketing and once you have learnt enough in creating awesome ads u can start learning Google ads

I have written more about Digital marketing courses

and Digital marketing institutes here

Why to join as intern in Digital markteing agency in raipur ?

Well academy is good but when it comes to practice you need application of your concepts and theories in real live projects

So learning while working as intern from Digital marketing company is always better then learning from any academy

In case if in any query feel free to call me on 7987300407

Join the best Digital marketing institute in Raipur

Digital marketing raipur

Are you searching for best Digital Marketing coaching in Raipur ?

If your answer is yes then read this blog carefully ,

Let me introduce myself first,

I am Bhuwnesh Shrivastava, born and brought up in Raipur, capital city of Chhattisgarh. Currently I am trainer at NB Digital Technologies where I teach Digital Marketing and also practicing Digital Marketing since 6+ years. I have consulted more than 50+ businesses including MNC’s like Aditya Birla and TATA group and currently working for various businesses from startup to mid level SME’s.

Before setting a mindset to get into Digital Marketing industry, you need to also evaluate yourself on following parameters :

5 important skills for Digital Marketer to acquire in 2019

Communication – You need to have basic communication skills to read, write and speak effectively.

Copywriting – You need to have basic understanding on how to write an effective copy.

Creativity – You need to be creative in your ideas and your planning.

Critical Thinking – You need to think critical.

Analytical – There are so much of data, you have to analyse a hell lot of metrics and KPI’s,

“Digital Marketing is an art and science, both.”

I don’t know who said this but it’s purely a truth. Digital Marketing is science, no doubt, as you need to be scientific in your approach and put logic and formulas to get results.

So no doubt its a science, all the tools you use are built in IT framework. There are developers working hard to build various SAAS PRODUCTS. Even all top ad platforms like Google and Facebook are built through scientific research and applications.

But, Digital Marketing is also an art because you need consistent practice to deliver the results.

Digital marketing institute in raipur


Remember Leonardo da Vinci, who created this beautiful and epic painting.
It’s the most discussed painting in the world, and as an artist, his work has an impact. Also, in a single painting, he has shown the dark graceful and various shadows.

I took this reference of epic painting just to make you realize that this painting doesn’t came overnight of a sudden drawing, it came out as a result of consistent practice and sheer passion of painting.

So if you are planning to step into Digital Marketing, make sure you have this two most important things :

  1. Passion to learn and upgrade yourself
  2. Consistency

Always Remember,

“But, they kept adding brick every hour.”

Also remember, it’s not only you who is working hard to get results. There is huge competition in the market and so is the opportunity.

Because brands are investing huge in Digital Media Marketing and there is a huge skill gap.

Businesses are ready to spend huge money on marketing, but they don’t know how and where to spend it to get a better Return on Investment or ROI.

So, if you are planning for making a career as a Digital marketer or starting as

Digital marketing internships in Raipur

You need to have right knowledge,

You need to be skilled to apply,

You need to be relevant,

You need to be consistent,

You need to be creative,

You need to be result oreinted,

Because in the end, whether you work for a Digital Marketing company or a freelancer, you need to perform and deliver very well.

So when we claim the best Digital marketing institute in Raipur,

we say it so because we teach you how to deliver results.

Under our Digital marketing training program as a intern, you work in live projects and we work to make you a successful Digital marketer.

If you want to know more about our teaching, come and attend a demo class and experience the methodology.

For more information, visit our center :

Digital marketing coaching in Raipur

Top IT and Digital marketing courses to get jobs in raipur

Digital marketing agency

Choose among 10 best courses for your professional and career growth in jobs in raipur

Best Digital marketing course in Raipur Chhattisgarh

If you are searching for best Digital marketing coaching institute then you must ask this 5 important questions

1) What will be the outcome of the digital marketing course ?

2) What should be the ideal time to learn all skills ?

3) What type of Digital markteing job postiion are there in any organization

4) can I apply all my learnings to practical projects while learning theories

5) am I able to work as freelancer or get a full time job after the course

Answer to these important questions will give you a clear understanding of the out come of your course

After completion of digital marketing course in raipur you can get following job positions

1) Social media executive – where you will be responsible for managing all Social media accounts of clients creating content and posting on all channels and managing online reputation of all clients

2) Junior/Senior media ad buyer – as a ads specialist for buying traffic you can be a ad manager for running ads for facebook and Google

3) Content manager – nowadays every organization is creating content and posting it on social media and YouTube so there so job position for planning and creating content

4) SEO executive

Best Digital marketing coaching institiute in raipur chhattisgarh
Know more about various digital marketing courses being conducted in our institute

2] Join best web development course in Raipur

web development courses in raipur
Become a Full stack Developer

3] Join the best cloud computing course in raipur chhattisgarh

Cloud computing courses in raipur chhattisgarh
Learn Amazon Web services ,Google Cloud and become a certified consultant

4] Join Best Mobile application [Android Development course] in raipur Chhattisgarh

Android courses in Raipur
Become android developer h

5] Join the best AI CHatbot development course in raipur chhattisgarh

Learn how to build AI chatbot using Google ai and amazon Alexa voice skills

6] Communication Mastery Programme

Join best Communication mastery courses

Top Digital Marketing Courses In Raipur

Digital marketing agency

Are you searching for best courses for Digital marketing in Raipur ?then you are at right place

Here is the list of top digital marketing courses in raipur with topics you must learn and upskill yourself for better proffessional growth

We have been practicing digital marketing since 6 years and we provide Digital marketing consulting Services and Training ,

Facebook marketing Course in Raipur

1] Facebook is the best social media platform to market your product and services if you learn facebook marketing properly you can earn as freelancer or can get a job in facebook marketing you should learn about

  • Finding the right audience – you need to learn about all audiences Basic,Custom and Lookalike
  • Laser Targeting – You need to learn Targeting – Demographics,behaviour,Interest,location
  • Finding the right message and adcopy – You need to learn to create perfect adcopy that gives you result
  • A/B testing and optimisation -You need to learn about various strategies to do optimisation
  • Reporting -Reporting through data and storeytelling through data is a skill you must have
  • Analytics- You need to learn anlysing your campign performance through various metrics and KPI

Instagram Marketing course in Raipur

Why Instagram ?

Instagram is having 5x engagement as compare to facebook and is the second biggest social media platform it has billion active users

Instagram is very gud for targeting youth one can become influencer in instagram and sell hell lot of products like food,cosmetics,fashion apparels,e-cbook,Infotainment products ,courses,and many more

In Instagram marketing Course you can learn about

  • Growth strategies- How to grow a page handle
  • How to increase your followers
  • How to run instagram ads
  • How create loyal audience
  • How to find the right keywords for trends
  • How to create posts that engage users

Google Ads Marketing Course in Raipur

Google ads is a tool to create ads to show in all google marketing platform

  • Search Engine Marketing – whenever you search for any product /services or any brand in google search you see an – you will run how to create search ads that converts
Seo course in raipur

How to run Display banner advertising through Google ads ?

You might have seen various ads popping up screen in various website and mobile app or email all these ads are run by google ads there are various ad sizes for creatives and you have thousand of placements where your ad is shown ,In google ads marketing course you will learn how to run these ads

How to run Youtube ads through Google ads ?

Youtube is the secoond most search engine and drives approx 40% of mobile Traffic ,

You might have seen various youtube ads before playing any video in youtube rite .. So all the youtube ads are created through Google Ads platform only there are different formats and types

  • Bumper ads
  • Trueview ads
  • Trueview Discovery Ads
  • Trueview Instream Ads

SEO Course In Raipur

Google Search is the best marketing channel for quality leads as a Digital marketer Search Egine Optimisation should be on the top priority in your learning schedule you simply cant spend all your money on digital advertising you need to have a regular organic traffic in your website

Search engine optimisation is an art as so many competitors are doing seo and you need to fight with google ML/AI algorithms which is very tough as on every week there is a new google update in there search algorithm So you need to be updated and be skilled to overcome your competition

You need to find a course where you can get a complete theory learning of all topics as well as practicals to learn all the theory part practically

Topics you must learn in SEO

  • How Google Search works?
  • How to write attractive Headlines for better CTR?
  • How to do copywriting and storytelling through blogs?
  • How to setup wordpress and blog ?
  • How to do On Page SEO ?
  • How to do Off Page SEO ?

Digital analytics Course In Raipur

Analyzing your campaign performance is an on going process whether its your ads or users in your landing pages you must have a data driven approach as in digital its all about metrics and KPI

In digital analytics you must learn

  • Campaign analytics- analyzing important metrics and KPI
  • Web analytics – analyzing import web metrics with respect to audience ,acquisition,behaviour and conversion

Email Marketing Course in Raipur

Email is like old telegram, its the best way to communicate with your leads in personal communication with advanced behaviour tracking tools and CRM you can utilise email to sell your product your services so as digital marketer its a very important channel to master the art

Things you must learn in email marketing

  • How to write effective subject lines
  • How to build email sequences
  • How to write emails that convert users to buy your product

Why join chhattisgarh digital business community ?

India is in verge of becoming the next big digital country

we are also highest in spending time on internet [maximum average per hour ] we are also now highest number of facebook users[countrywise]

So what indians are consuming through this data ? its information which later become vital for influencing there purchasing decison


with  increasing penetration of mobile and internet accessibilty

through cheap smartphones and high speed internet connectivity consumers buying lifecycle have also changed

with this changing scenario business needs to  quickly adapt


but still it has been found that SME’s who have been spending high on traditional marketing for wooing there customer

are not able to plan there digital transformation and digital media management


Also with GST tax system rolled out every business with turnover more than 20 lakh has to flourish each month his sale invoice for

which a strong IT applications whether web or mobile app is required  to manage all sales and purchase efficiently


then what is lagging behind ?

a communtiy to strive for growth ,a community of business owners,SME’s,corporates ,Technical experts who wants to grow with this digital change

helping each other to grow with mutual grounds ,

so we as technical experts are now initiating this movement to bring all same thinking and like minded people those who want to learn and help each other

We want you to become the  member of this growing community

By joining this community you will get FREE consulting and mentoring  from EXPERTS that will help your Business to grow

  • Be the first to  get Invitation and access for Workshops & Events.[Free for members]
  • You will get Free tips on Digital Marketing and Web & App Development through email news letter
  • You will get Weekly Newsletter on Digital Ecosystem which keeps you updated about Digital World.
  • After joining this community you will get 24/7 Tech  Support.
  • You can get easily connected to Investors, Consultants,web and app Developers ,Digital Marketers,designers , through this Community which will grow your proffesional network
  • U will also  get early access to our Learning Materials like e-books, case studies,whitebook etc.
  • You can Post as well as get Jobs updates for free in IT Industry by joining this community.
  • You will get access to exclusive facebook and watsapp closed group through which you will be connected to 24 by 7 and can ask for any services on a tap or on click with freelancers and experts

This community is run and managed by NB digital technologies all rights to access and cancelling membership is subject to management decisions

the membership is purely on invite and refferal basis To join click here 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Training Program

1) Why you should join our training program/courses?

  • Digital marketing is the future of marketing.
  • Industry demands for professional and technical skills.
  • Technical skills and knowledge  gets you pay better pay and position.
  • Product development(website and mobile app development) have wide variety of job prospects.
  • Learning from our institution is affordable and high returning
  • After completing this training program you can start you own business/startups.
2) What are the benefits of having digital marketing as career?
  • The digital marketing is on the rise, the number of digital marketing roles are increasing.  You can start your own career. You can earn independently as freelancers.
3) What are the career opportunities after doing web and mobile app development training?
  • After doing training in website/app development you can easily be placed in Multinational Companies. As the traning makes your concept strong and clear which will help you to crack the interview.
4) How can i join your training program?
  • You can come at our center and take syllabus of the courses, an aptitude test will be conducted and a counselling session with a mentor of the course you adopt
  • Then you can enrol  and start learning after completion of course you will get a certificate from our organization  and if you are a doer than definately u will get chance to work with us. as an intern
5) What are the fees structure?
  • You can download each syllabus, fees details are mentioned their. However, our basic program for each course is as low as 4500 per month and advance program for each course is 14500 for 2 months.

To enroll now for the upcoming batch download the syllabus

We conduct a basic entrance test [aptitude and logical] and counsel you according to your skills and passion then only we intake students ,once you download a syllabus u will be called for a test and interview

5 reasons to opt Digital marketing but not MBA in marketing

We have been taught since our school and graduation days that after doing engineering or any graduation if one wants to make his career in the corporate world he must fight for any CAT/MAT exams and get admission into any of the premier institutions and do an MBA as PG

But over the last decade, there is a huge shift of consumers from traditional to digital media and there is behavioral change in making purchase decision

As India’s mobile and internet infrastructure with respect to devices, speed and availability has gone up three fold ,consumers spending time on these devices have also increased but the big question do this premier institutions are teaching this skills through the MBA and other PG programmes ? I searched many courses but found some executive education short duration programmes only with faculty being the same marketing professors only there are some startups and training institutes like and and dsim which are doing great as training institutes also if you want to learn it for free u can subscribe senior digital marketing authors like ,,

As all product and tools in digital media world are data driven and analytical driven they keep updating themselves regularly by analysing and testing users behaviour and keep introducing new features also …

So even the faculty who are teaching this courses need to be practicing and be updated all the time which I find are rare as they are into academics and working full time as professors

Now why you should prefer digital marketing over an MBA

(1)It’s scalable – As a normal marketing manager u can’t scale things as u have a very limited scope and authority to execute but if you are a Digital Marketing manager you can scale the things not only regional or national level but even at global level.

(2)Low fees – I avoid comparing investment value over money especially when it’s spent on oneself and for learning only but at the time after graduating when u I are not earning u have to borrow some amount through education loans or a Freinds and relatives so one can easily do digital marketing courses as low as 50k (whether online or offline ) while doing MBA u should invest min 5 lac

(3)Time duration – Six month to one year is enough if you go for full-time courses although the real gain of knowledge is when u do practical projects only in MBA it’s minimum two years although u start doing internship and working since the third semester only

(4)Startups culture and Multi roles – if you are a mere an MBA in marketing those startups who wants to grow and scale at a bigger level they wont hire you but if you are even at a basic level of digital marketing u have multi roles like SEO, SEM ,SMM or for digital media buying positions.

Last but not the least the FUTURE ..

(5)FUTURE lies in Digital marketing – Businesses have started adopting the Digital marketing, marketing automation ,machine learning , predictive analytics ,AI and are now more Data and analytics driven .so u can’t survive merely by doing an MBA in marketing

Join our Training and skill development programme in Raipur chhattisgarh

Digital marketing agency in raipur

India is the world’s largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry, accounting for approximately 67 per cent of the US$ 124-130 billion market. The industry employs about 10 million workforces. More importantly, the industry has led the economic transformation of the country and altered the perception of India in the global economy. India’s cost competitiveness in providing IT services, which is approximately 3-4 times cheaper than the US, continues to be the mainstay of its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the global sourcing market. However, India is also gaining prominence in terms of intellectual capital with several global IT firms setting up their innovation centres in India.

Wide gap in demand and supply of digital marketing jobs
There is a significant gap in demand and supply of digital marketers today. Digital or social media as a marketing subject is not covered in depth (if covered at all) in most MBA classes. How does a new marketer master the channels that are reaping rich rewards for businesses all over the world?
That’s where we come in.

the gap between digital marketing jobs and skills is exactly what we are addressing at Our vision is to educate those who want to understand, experience and implement the tools of this trade. And our goal is to produce quality digital marketers who can take up digital marketing responsibilities with gusto
We are training students on following subjects

1.Graphic and WEB Designing by Nasir Sir
2.Web development [HTML/CSS/JS/PHP] by Nasir sir/Rupesh SIR/ Uzma mam
3.Android APP development by Rupesh sir/Rizwan Sir
4.Search Engine Optimisation/Search Engine Marketing by Bhuwnesh sir/Shubhangi mam
5.Social media marketing /Email marketing Bhuwnesh sir,Abhinav sir
6.Blogging and video editing and production by Prashant sir,Veeral mam

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