Top 10 Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers.

Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers

Top 10 Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers:

  1. CloudAve:

CloudAve is blessed to have a team of contributing authors who represent diverse backgrounds in the intersection of IT Infrastructure, cloud computing, Software and Business.

their Authors express their own views: there is no “official CloudAve viewpoint”, in fact they encourage debate they are one of the best Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers.


it is based on blogs of chirag mehta who is vice president at sap who writes about cloud computing and all of his blogs are enriched with knowledge and well ranked. It is his personal blog and you can find good content here. He is one of best Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers

  1. Cloud Tweaks:

CloudTweaks is an industry-leading authority in cloud-connected information technology resources. Established in 2009 with locations in Montreal, Canada and New York, NY, CloudTweaks provides current cloud computing services, news, developments and insights spanning over a diverse range of technological interests. We strive to inspire global awareness through the provision of the highest quality content, services and information-based resources. they are one of leaders in Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers.

  1. InfoWorld: Cloud Computing

InfoWorld, the leading voice in emerging enterprise technology, is the go-to resource for developers, architects, and business leaders launching next-generation initiatives on scalable cloud platforms, where such future-focused tech as AI/machine learning, big data analytics, and NoSQL databases evolve continuously. InfoWorld serves those determined to seek business advantage by staying ahead of the technology curve. You can count on them when it comes to Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers

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  1. Cnet: The Wisdom of Clouds:

CNET tracks all the latest consumer technology breakthroughs and shows you what’s new, what matters and how technology can enrich your life. We give you the information, tools and advice that will help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of the tech in your life. They are one of the top Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers


  1. Thinking Out Cloud

Thinking Out Cloud is a blog about cloud computing and the SaaS business model written by Geva Perry. Geva Perry has more than 15 years of experience as an executive in the enterprise software industry. His blog, Thinking Out Cloud, on cloud computing and software-as-a-service strategy and marketing is widely read and he is a frequent speaker on the topic. Geva has been named as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in the Hosting Industry, Top 50 Cloud Computing Bloggers and one of the 12 Top Thinkers in Cloud Computing. They are one of the most influencing Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers


  1. TechCrunchIT:

In the course of a year, TechCrunch hosts events around the globe that combine digital media and live activations, as well as many media-only specials centered on momentous tech events. TechCrunch’s editorial calendar offers marketers an unsurpassed platform to reach tech audiences in-person, online, and around the globe. They are leaders Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers

  1. Perspectives on Cloud Computing Learning tree:

Established in 1974, Learning Tree International is a leading provider of individual, team and organization-wide IT training and management training to business and government organizations worldwide. Over 2.4 million professionals have enhanced their skills through Learning Tree’s extensive library of proprietary and partner content on topics including: web development, cyber security, program and project management, Agile, operating systems, networking, cloud computing, leadership, and more. They are one of top Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers




  1. Cloud Computing Journal:

To support both business and government organizations in their workforce optimization efforts, they develop structured learning paths prior to training, and provide implementation services that extend the value of training long after a training event has concluded. They are one of the best Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers


  1. Cloud Computing Blogs RSS Feed Google news

You can use RSS feeds and a feed reader to get a list of stories from a section on Google News. This feature only works on desktop computers. Google News RSS feeds are available in RSS 2.0 format. They have and amazing Cloud And Hosting Blog Site And Bloggers




Rick Blaisdell – having more than 20 years of work, business development, on this area and high-tech experience, Rick’s competence involves cloud computing integration, software evolution, and enterprise architecture just to archive a few. He is presently the CTO at Motus, LLC and administer which is a technology blog captivating both executives and technologists. Realize his impression on Twitter @RickBlaisdell.


Brandon Butler – Senior Editor covering cloud computing at, and author of the Cloud Chronicles blog, Brandon is always aware of current and future cloud tech trends. On his blog you will find topics such as user stories about how technologies are implemented and who the biggest players are in cloud today. Stay up-to-date with Brandon via Twitter – @BButlerNWW.


Louis Columbus – Currently influencing the cloud market through numerous channels – his role as Director, Global Cloud Platform Management and Cloud Services at Ingram Micro Cloud, discussing cloud trends as a Contributing Author on Forbes, and a Graduate Adjunct Professor – Louis shares cloud insights with a variety of audiences. His ability to find and decipher the latest research makes him an excellent cloud blogger to follow today – @LouisColumbus.


Dana Gardner – Founder of BriefingsDirect Blog which provides analysis and insights for enterprise IT and cloud sourcing strategists, Dana offers weekly cloud information via his blog. Topics include enterprise software, cloud, mobile big data and social; making him a well-versed cloud influencer for tech marketers today. Don’t miss his posts – follow him on Twitter @Dana_Gardner.


Lydia Leong – With a focus on internet operations and engineering for most of her career, Lydia covers cloud computing and related topics in her current technology analyst role at Gartner. Specifically, Lydia highlights Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), with some Platform-as-a-Service as it overlaps with IaaS, along with colocation and content delivery networks. Learn more about her on her blog and Twitter @cloudpundit.


David Linthicum – A LinkedIn title of “Cloud Computing and DevOps Visionary” doesn’t get much better for a top cloud influencer. As the current SVP of Cloud Technology Partners and active blogger on David provides constant insight into cloud strategy, architecture, implementation and more. Follow him on Twitter @DavidLinthicum and read his blog here.


Lori MacVittie – Highly involved in various technology groups including and the DevOps Institute, and currently a Principal Technical Evangelist at F5 Networks, Lori is always aware of cloud happenings. Her wide range of specialties include application development, SDN, cloud, and DevOps. Follow her on Twitter @lmacvittie and read her recent articles to learn more.


Ellen Rubin – An entrepreneur who enjoys early involvement in business growth, Ellen is currently working on building ClearSky Data. With expertise in cloud computing, business intelligence, data warehousing and data center markets, she is a key influencer to follow on Twitter to learn about her growth strategies and experiences – @ellen_rubin and find top stories here.


Christian Verstraete – Currently the Chief Technologist of Cloud Advisory Services at HPE in Belgium, and an avid cloud blogger, Christian has a strong global cloud presence online. Whether he is helping customers migrate workloads to the cloud, or guiding cloud strategies, you can find constant cloud updates on his blog Cloud Source and Twitter feed @christianve.


Werner Vogels – Known for his technology and research background at Amazon, Werner brings cloud-use knowledge and expertise to his blog. Currently the VP & CTO at and previously a researcher at the Computer Science Department at Cornell University, his specialties include tech visions, web services, enterprise computing, cloud computing, and more, and can all be seen on his blog along with Twitter page @Werner.



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