Top 10 Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Services List For Digital Growth [For Business Owners Only]

Here is a list of Top 10 digital Marketing services

Digital marketing services

1] Facebook marketing services-

If you are searching for cost-effective solutions then facebook is the best social media channel as it give us the lowest cost to reach our target audience

also it give us various creative ways like video,gif and carousel ads which make a great user interaction and enhance customer experience

We get  paid traffic of users with lowest cost  as much as cost per click Rs 1 which is very lower side as compare to google search ads and other ad platforms

2] Search Engine Optimisation services-

90% user journey starts with Google search engine as a business owner your organization must be listed in Google my business and all your website pages should be SEO optimised, as a SEO professional the job is to track relevant keywords and make sure all your website pages rank and top 10 positions of Google search Search Engine Optimisation services are generally and done and retainer-based model in which minimum 5 to 10 keywords are managed to rank in top 10 pages,
currently Google search use machine learning and AI so it’s very hard to manipulate their ranking algorithm so you need a good quality content and a proper on page and off page SEO strategies to rank well and the best way to take services is to ask for case studies where the agency have proven work portfolio

3] Sms marketing services –

User, today 24 by 7 connected to mobile devices so SMS channel is again the best way to connect with your customer generally user use DND services not to get promotional SMS

the best ways to use them as inbound channel whenever you have any lead sign up or form fill up you can use SMS to inform

We can also give  WhatsApp links for sending SMS generally  it cost around 10 to 12 p and on transactional SMS it costs around 20-22 paisa,
if you have user database or if you record all your customer database in CRM then you can integrate SMS services and send the scheduled message also today the world is of automation so you can also use mobile marketing automation to regularly connect with your audience

4] Creative designing services-

digital is all about information and today on an average a user is connected at least three to four hours a day in a mobile whether it’s Instagram or Facebook you need quality content in the form of Creative designs or infographics where you can post it regularly on your pages this makes user informed about your products and services and also increase the brand value by consuming quality content in the form of designs

5] Youtube advertising services-

YouTube is the second most search engine after Google search and as video is having 5 time management with respect to blogger any infographic show YouTube ad is again one of the most best channel to run ads as it gives you around 20 paise to 50 paise ascospore engagement also in the form of YouTube you can tell the story about your brand and engage and convince users to buy your product recently think with Google study shows that now YouTube help as assistant channel to aware user about how to use or other story type videos which makes and empower users in their decision and buying journey

6] Email marketing services-

email Marketing Services is again a very important as email is something personal when you want to build relationship and trust with your audience you need to send them personalized messages and offers so email marketing is one of the best tools till date, there are various type of tools and example send in blue, sendgrid, AWS-SES, MailChimp and various third-party tools which you can integrate with your CRM and also with your landing pages and once user registered a lead form you can sequence and automate all your emails from various email marketing tools

7] Pay per click [Search engine marketing services]-

As told about search engine is very crucial and 99% of users and name starts with search but as you take a bit longer time show PPC is a very good method in which through Google ad you can get instant traffic as much as you want but the marketing budget should allow you as Google ads works in a bid An auction model there are many bigger brands who pay much much higher but here the quality of Leads is warm leads as user is having the intention to buy while and social media advertising the user is not ready to buy so there is different in quality of lead and PPC and social media advertising,
through Google ads, you can get targeted and relevant traffic with respect to your keywords

8] Display/banner advertisement services

Display ads by Google is one of the cheapest and having largest Inventory of add spaces as Google AdSense have maximum tie-up with various blogs so you can create an engaging jrf ads or through Google web designer and select the topics and placement with respect to your business categories of an example you can run ads in news category section show the banner ads will be shown only in the news and the location which you have selected it gives us very low cost per click as low as .2 paisa

9] Web Analytics services-

Avinash Kaushik one said that a good digital marketing manager should have a measurement model before starting any campaign you must know the KPI an important Metrics to track so that you can track the ROI, ROAS of campaign
you need to understand data when you start any campaign in any channel you get a hell lot of traffic so you need to understand your user behavior user journey and how the user is acquired from which channel show analytics tools like Google Analytics helps to make smarter decisions and optimize your budget spending, Without web Analytics and not marrying your campaign you can loose hell lot of budget

10] Content writing services –

opywriting is the key to make stories and engage your users so you must have a quality blog where you should aware and assist your target audience and help them to make a good decision for that you need to regularly post blocks in your website so you need content writing services a good copywriting also add value to the brand today the user is very much informed and want more information before buying anything so he check out various blocks videos and infographics to understand the product and services and make smarter and better decision with respect to Google search you need to regularly publish blogs.


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