How to Setup Amazon SES for Email marketing?

How to Integrate with Amazon Web Services to provide Simple email service?[Updated]

AMAZON WEB SERVICES is one who provides simple email service which used for email-marketing purpose when someone wanted to send bulk messages to 1000 of users at very low cost, it can also be used for transactional messages like if you are doing any transaction and you want to give alert to the user through email/message, Amazon Web Services is used. SES mainly using AWS Services for providing email services. It costs only $0.10 for per 1000 emails and 60,00 mail can be sent under a free trial.

What is the need for Amazon Web Services?

It allows doing only one way messaging like it only can send messages to the user but you can not receive messages from users. You can only receive spams and bounces from the users. For two-sided mail service, AWS has a work-mail. It sends notifications according to the need of users but
It is not a complete messaging solution. It is also scalable as you can increase the email sending limit.

How does Amazon Web Services work?

Firstly in Amazon Web Services you just have to log in to console that is SES service then service nearest region.
There are 3 important parts –

  1. To manage identities – It is used under free trial we can send 2000 emails but after that, you have to buy the AWS to increase the limit.
  2. Monitoring email sending
  3. Configure email receiving – It is only used for receiving the bounce emails.
    First when we will verify domain then we can send the email to verified users and domains only when we are under a free trial. But after increasing the limit of email we can send more than 2000 emails to unverified domains as well.
Amazon SES

How to Verify a new domain to AWS services?

  1. Go to the domain.
  2. Click on verify new domain
  3. Put your domain name then verify it.
  4. After clicking verify you have to create text record and put the name from where you have hosted your domain (like GoDaddy, host gator..)
  5. Under pending verification click on the domain then you have created text record in that copy the text value and text name.
  6. Go to your portal from where you have purchased your domain then upload it in settings and AWS will verify your domain that you are the owner of the domain or not. After verifying, you are ready to send that emails to the verified users.
  7. Again go to emails.
  8. Verify the emails then put your mail there and verify it.
  9. Now you can send mail using AWS SES.
    a.) Go to your portal again, click domain (whichever you wanted to choose) b.) Manage settings then change the host and text value (taken from AWS SES put it there) then save it. Now, text record is set up.
    c.) Refresh it, check your domain and it will show that it is verified. We can send the message to verified users.
    d.)In sending statistics you can check bounces, rejections ( when the user get spams or something). If your rejections are high, AWS got to know that you are sending spam to random people and it will just stop SMTP.

How to send emails using to the users SMTP Server?

1. For that, you need server name, port, use of transport layer security.
2. Click on create SMTP and download the credentials.
3. Make your mail in MS-OUTLOOK which is a third party tool. In that go to Account Settings and click in AWS and fill the required details(copy the SMTP server name, username, password). 4. Login user copy username passkey use TLS. 5. Check by going into test settings.

By this way you can use Amazon Web Services to work as a bulk email service provider.


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