Digital marketing agency : 5 important things you must know before hiring them

What does a digital marketing agency do ?

In 2019 consumer behavior is changing very fast consumers are 24 by 7 connected with their smartphones and consuming information ever then before

With so many channels and platforms your business needs an online marketing company to tap your target customer and make sure your brand is connected with them whenever they need to buy or need assistance in buying products

Gone were the days when business used to spent heavily on traditional marketing like tv,print radio now brands are heavily investing on digital media channels

For which you need a data driven digital marketing agency for execution of your campaigns

The job of agency is to market your product and create a brand that people love to buy from

So basically the digital marketing agency works include :

1) Planning Digital media Campaign strategies

2) Planning budget accross each channel’s

3) Planning Content production and distribution

4) Launching and optimising Campaigns

5) Analysing campaign performance and measuring important key performance indicators (KPI)

6) Reporting to all stake holders

And last but not the least providing growth to the business or clients ,

How to select the best digital marketing agency in India ?

You must first find Companies with best digital marketing team

Because it’s the team and the experience with proven results is all that matters

Well every agency has team and various members are involved

You can easily search the organization name in LinkedIn and find the skills of employees and experiences.

Digital marketing agency

You must know what is the core competencies of the team which is planning and executing all the Camapigns

So for an example ,

Some guys excel is SEO ,

Some in creativity and create amazing catchy ads which seeks user attention

Some are analytical and breathe data

Some are good at Google ads generating relavant traffic

Some are good at Facebook ads

Some guys are good at Instagram marketing and selling products

Some are good at automation

Some are good at funnel marketing

Some loves content marketing and creating good video ,blog infographics

So I will say every team have different members having different expertise

One should always ask for the case studies

The best digital marketing agency is one who understands your customers better and empathize with them

Still in India people bombards sms and mail without user permission and claim as best digital marketing agency

So choose wisely ,

Ask for Case studies

Ask for Planning

Ask for ROAS

Digital marketing services required for a business

It’s totally depends on three things

What is the stage of your business is it startup ,SME 3-5 year old ,MNC/corporate ?

As for startup you need first accelerating growth you need first 100 customers very fast ,to get into the market you need marketing spend budget it’s really tough to launch big campaigns

For SME – Now when you are sustainable business already running you can start with 2-3 channels lyk combination of any two start with

1) Facebook and search ads

2) SEO and Instagram marketing

3) Search ads with YouTube marketing

4) Display ads with Facebook marketing

5) sms and email marketing

So according to the marketing plan and recurring budget a SME can choose digital marketing services

Now comes MNC or corporates those who have annual marketing budget

How to do digital marketing for multi national companies and corporates ?

First most important part is to study the sector it can be any sector for example

Real estate






Electronics and appliances


Proffesional services


So it can be any big business or brand those who are doing business since 5+ years and have a annual marketing budget

Second you need to plan channels accordingly and divide the budget accordingly

When campaign is at scale it’s important to analyse core KPI and u need a team of analyst who on daily basis gives you important data story and insights for an example

What are digital marketing campaigns important key performance indicators ?

So when u hire a digital marketing company what should be the key performance indicators which u should ask from your digital marketing manager

  1. Cost per impression/reach

  2. Daily unique reach

  3. Daily clicks vs daily visitors

  4. Daily organic visitors

  5. Cost per click and cost per view

  6. Daily leads and cost per lead

  7. Channel wise spent and leads

  8. Growth rate in each channel

  9. Conversions from each channel’s

So here was some examples metrics and KPI which needs to be analysed on daily basis for better performance of digital marketing Camapigns and as a business owners one must ask with there agency

Join the best Digital marketing institute in Raipur

Digital marketing raipur

Are you searching for best Digital Marketing coaching in Raipur ?

If your answer is yes then read this blog carefully ,

Let me introduce myself first,

I am Bhuwnesh Shrivastava, born and brought up in Raipur, capital city of Chhattisgarh. Currently I am trainer at NB Digital Technologies where I teach Digital Marketing and also practicing Digital Marketing since 6+ years. I have consulted more than 50+ businesses including MNC’s like Aditya Birla and TATA group and currently working for various businesses from startup to mid level SME’s.

Before setting a mindset to get into Digital Marketing industry, you need to also evaluate yourself on following parameters :

5 important skills for Digital Marketer to acquire in 2019

Communication – You need to have basic communication skills to read, write and speak effectively.

Copywriting – You need to have basic understanding on how to write an effective copy.

Creativity – You need to be creative in your ideas and your planning.

Critical Thinking – You need to think critical.

Analytical – There are so much of data, you have to analyse a hell lot of metrics and KPI’s,

“Digital Marketing is an art and science, both.”

I don’t know who said this but it’s purely a truth. Digital Marketing is science, no doubt, as you need to be scientific in your approach and put logic and formulas to get results.

So no doubt its a science, all the tools you use are built in IT framework. There are developers working hard to build various SAAS PRODUCTS. Even all top ad platforms like Google and Facebook are built through scientific research and applications.

But, Digital Marketing is also an art because you need consistent practice to deliver the results.

Digital marketing institute in raipur


Remember Leonardo da Vinci, who created this beautiful and epic painting.
It’s the most discussed painting in the world, and as an artist, his work has an impact. Also, in a single painting, he has shown the dark graceful and various shadows.

I took this reference of epic painting just to make you realize that this painting doesn’t came overnight of a sudden drawing, it came out as a result of consistent practice and sheer passion of painting.

So if you are planning to step into Digital Marketing, make sure you have this two most important things :

  1. Passion to learn and upgrade yourself
  2. Consistency

Always Remember,

“But, they kept adding brick every hour.”

Also remember, it’s not only you who is working hard to get results. There is huge competition in the market and so is the opportunity.

Because brands are investing huge in Digital Media Marketing and there is a huge skill gap.

Businesses are ready to spend huge money on marketing, but they don’t know how and where to spend it to get a better Return on Investment or ROI.

So, if you are planning for making a career as a Digital marketer or starting as

Digital marketing internships in Raipur

You need to have right knowledge,

You need to be skilled to apply,

You need to be relevant,

You need to be consistent,

You need to be creative,

You need to be result oreinted,

Because in the end, whether you work for a Digital Marketing company or a freelancer, you need to perform and deliver very well.

So when we claim the best Digital marketing institute in Raipur,

we say it so because we teach you how to deliver results.

Under our Digital marketing training program as a intern, you work in live projects and we work to make you a successful Digital marketer.

If you want to know more about our teaching, come and attend a demo class and experience the methodology.

For more information, visit our center :

Digital marketing coaching in Raipur

Top IT and Digital marketing courses to get jobs in raipur

Digital marketing agency

Choose among 10 best courses for your professional and career growth in jobs in raipur

Best Digital marketing course in Raipur Chhattisgarh

If you are searching for best Digital marketing coaching institute then you must ask this 5 important questions

1) What will be the outcome of the digital marketing course ?

2) What should be the ideal time to learn all skills ?

3) What type of Digital markteing job postiion are there in any organization

4) can I apply all my learnings to practical projects while learning theories

5) am I able to work as freelancer or get a full time job after the course

Answer to these important questions will give you a clear understanding of the out come of your course

After completion of digital marketing course in raipur you can get following job positions

1) Social media executive – where you will be responsible for managing all Social media accounts of clients creating content and posting on all channels and managing online reputation of all clients

2) Junior/Senior media ad buyer – as a ads specialist for buying traffic you can be a ad manager for running ads for facebook and Google

3) Content manager – nowadays every organization is creating content and posting it on social media and YouTube so there so job position for planning and creating content

4) SEO executive

Best Digital marketing coaching institiute in raipur chhattisgarh
Know more about various digital marketing courses being conducted in our institute

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Become a Full stack Developer

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6] Communication Mastery Programme

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3 Questions a Business Owner should ask a Digital Marketing Agency.

Ai Chatbot Platform

Digital Marketing Agencies should focus on creating value for consumers in 21st-century. There are a billion of consumers who are connected through digital mediums so digital advertising agencies must always focus on creating value for Driven Marketing and Advertising. There are following planning that best digital agency should do:-


:- user interface and user experience from important points for any digital marketer most of the marketer they know how to run add but they are not able to convert

their customer for them they must understand about user pain and user flow what people think and what they want while interacting with your brand


There are three types of audience in a digital marketing audience are the whom we target to show our clients project. We target our audience in three different ways :-

a. Basic Audiences- It is also known as a core audience in this we have to select our audience manually based on a characteristic, like Age, data, location and also demographic interest and behaviour of audiences.

Ai Chatbot Platform

b. Custom Audiences- In this we have to upload a data or a contact list to connect with our customer in facebook and also in this we have to target a people who already click business or atleast they put on impression in our advertisin it business part of Re-marketing audience.we can also distribute our audience in three parts-loyal and potential customer, web visitor and mobile user.

c. Look a Like Audiences- This is basically from by our customer information to find people similar to them on Facebook in this we have to target audiences on the basis of our custom audience data like E-MAIL PHONE NO.


It takes money to make money. If we want to expand our brand increase our sale and grow our business we have to invest money into our marketing to make it happen we have to invest in digital marketing our business should be very visible in the online world because more potential customer moved online they actively search product online. So first we have to search a people on Social Media according to age, gender, locality from there we get knowledge about how many public who belong to the same category. For example:- We have to sale a tata in excavators for that we have to create a user segment and audience accordingly in facebook and google from them we have to set an audience example there be 90000 people in a single state so our cost for add will be 1/10 of people whom we target that is 9000.

So if you want a digital marketing agency that work with you as growth partner then always ask this three important questions

We at NB Digital Technologies always believe that all above points should be focused whenever we plan any digital marketing campaigns

Top Digital Marketing Companies In India

Top Digital Marketing Companies

Top digital marketing companies in delhi

if you start searching in google brainworkindia  rank as no 1 website on kewyord digital marketing agency in delhi so itself it proofs how good they are in SEO.

*they are specialised in web development and digital marketing

*they have worked with some awesome client like nestle ,fortis ,hyundai


*they have 30 positve google review and are very good in their work

*they are specialised in mobile marketing,seo and other things

*they have worked with some awesome client like lenskart, philips, abp news etc

*they are one of the best digital marketing company in delhi.

*they are specialised in trendsetting, brand builders

*they have worked with Beervana,htc, Tech Mahindra

top digital marketing companies in mumbai

top digital marketing agencies

*they are one of well known agencies in mumbai for digital marketing.


they have a capture in social media and search marketing


they have awesome relationship with their clients some of them are Toyota, ICICI, etc



they are one of the high impact business solutions and digital marketing agencies in mumbai.


digital markeing and advertising are their specialisation that no one can compete.


they have a upper hand in dealing with clients some of them are aditya birla, wipro, bluestar etc



a good name in mumbai and has won a gold medal in best digital marketing company.


specialised inbrand communication, social media and design.


they have a strong and good image because they have worked with mnc like reliance, saint gobain,mahindra etc.

best digital marketing companies in hyderabad



a digital marketing who has is roots from hyderabad and one the leading companies in this field.


seo, web hosting and many more things are their areas of specialisation.


they have worked with bmw, centuary, hathway and many more amazing companies.



they have been ranked in 1st page of google as they have worked hard for it.


they have done masters in ppc, content marketing and many other things.


they have worked with wizcraft,fedcup, smr holdings and many more awesome clients.



they are one of dynamic companies in this field and one of ranked marketing expert in hyderbad and india.


in the field of online marketingand digital strategy nobody can shake their place.


they have worked with named comapnieslike beer county, utv, reliance etc.


best digital marketing agency ingurgaon



a gurgaon digital marketing agencies tops on google list and are one of sound companies in gurgaon.


they have exelled in consultiong and seo.


they have dealed with sahara, indianchowk and many more big firms.



they are the leading company in this field.


they have specialisation in email marketing, seo, website design etc.

*they have worked with top clients like cosco, redprints etc.



digifish is leaders and top rankers in google when it comes to digital marketing agency.


they have done a superb job in digital marketing, mobile marketing and many more.


broadway, digital india campaign, my healthbuddy and more are their projects in which they have done a great job.

list of best digital markeing companies in bangalore:



they are marketing agency which helps a company to achieve a brand image.


digital strategy, design and etc are the works nobody can beat them on.


they have worked with clients like central, wipro, peter england and more which have the brand name on their on.



they have ranked on the top of the list in google as they have done a superb job in digital marketing.


they have a work specialization on seo, ppc, online reputation management and many more things.


they have a sound client management system like jindal, hdfc, orchids and more.



a company based on banglore which has excelled its roots in india throughtheir work.


strategy, marketing automation and many other works are the things that they have superioirity on.


they have sound clients like ozonegroup, capillary, sight savers etc.

List of digital marketing agency in pune:



their work is to give people a brand fixation so that they can do their work smoothly and excell.


they have a superb work in mobile app development, search engine marketing and more.


they have managed to do a superb job with some big names like tata, mahindra, finolex and more.



they are masters in this field and they do a superb job in this field.


they have a mastery in seo, sem, web design and more.


tatasky, max life, peter pan and more amazing names are added to their list when it comes to client handling.



they are amongst the top rankers in google in this feild which takes a lot of hard work in itself.


they are specialized in seo, digital marketing etc.


lupin, icici, axis bank are the big names attached to them when it comes to client handling.


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