TOP 6 marketing strategies to improve your Website -SEO rankings

  1. Improve your page loading speed

Your page loading time is important for a few reasons.

First of all, if your load speed is too slow, Google will recognize this, and it will harm your ranking.

But a slow website will also impact the way your website visitors engage with your pages.

As a result, those negative interactions will hurt your ranking too.

  1. Produce high quality content

How often do you update your website?

If you haven’t touched it since the day you built it, you probably don’t have a great SEO ranking right now.

To drive more traffic to your website and increase its popularity, you need to give visitors a reason to keep coming back.

Your content needs to be high quality, recent, and relevant.

Another factor that impacts your SEO ranking is so-called dwell time.

This relates to how much time people spend on your website per visit.

If your site has fresh, exciting, or newsworthy information, it will keep visitors on your page longer and improve your dwell time.

Websites that provide highly informative content typically have long dwell time.

Google Chrome controls nearly 45% of the Internet browser market share, making it the most popular browser in the world.

That number will continue to rise as Chrome was also the most downloaded browser of 2017:

High quality and relevant content will increase the chances of your website being bookmarked by visitors.

  1. Optimize your images

Pictures and other images are great for your website.

But you need to make sure they are optimized properly if you want these images to improve your SEO ranking.

I’m referring to factors such as the file format and size.

Huge images can slow your page loading time, which, as I’ve said, hurts your ranking.

Resize or compress your images to optimize them.

You can also use your images to sneak in keywords by naming them accordingly.

  1. Break up your content with header tags

Headings are another way to help improve the user experience on your website.

They break up the content and make it easier to read or skim.

Plus, headers make everything look more appealing, which is always beneficial.

If your website is just a wall of text, it’s going to discourage people from spending a long time on it.

As a result, your SEO ranking will suffer.

If you’re running your site on WordPress, you can easily change the header tags.

  1. Start blogging

It’s an outstanding tool for lead generation and helps you engage with visitors to your website.

But what most people don’t realize is blogging also improves SEO rankings.

Here’s why.

As I have already mentioned, producing fresh, updated, and relevant content can drive people to your website and give them a reason to stay on your pages for a while.

Well, blogs are the perfect channel for you to accomplish this.

If you can establish a large group of faithful readers, you can get lots of traffic to your site on a daily basis.

  1. Use outbound links

There are certain things you can do to increase the credibility of your website.

Sure, you can make claims, but it looks much better if you back them up.

All of your data claims should be linked to trustworthy and authoritative sources.

As you can see from what you’ve read so far today, I do this myself.

But here’s another example that illustrates what I’m talking about from a blog post I wrote about generating l

Join the best Digital marketing institute in Raipur

Digital marketing raipur

Are you searching for best Digital Marketing coaching in Raipur ?

If your answer is yes then read this blog carefully ,

Let me introduce myself first,

I am Bhuwnesh Shrivastava, born and brought up in Raipur, capital city of Chhattisgarh. Currently I am trainer at NB Digital Technologies where I teach Digital Marketing and also practicing Digital Marketing since 6+ years. I have consulted more than 50+ businesses including MNC’s like Aditya Birla and TATA group and currently working for various businesses from startup to mid level SME’s.

Before setting a mindset to get into Digital Marketing industry, you need to also evaluate yourself on following parameters :

5 important skills for Digital Marketer to acquire in 2019

Communication – You need to have basic communication skills to read, write and speak effectively.

Copywriting – You need to have basic understanding on how to write an effective copy.

Creativity – You need to be creative in your ideas and your planning.

Critical Thinking – You need to think critical.

Analytical – There are so much of data, you have to analyse a hell lot of metrics and KPI’s,

“Digital Marketing is an art and science, both.”

I don’t know who said this but it’s purely a truth. Digital Marketing is science, no doubt, as you need to be scientific in your approach and put logic and formulas to get results.

So no doubt its a science, all the tools you use are built in IT framework. There are developers working hard to build various SAAS PRODUCTS. Even all top ad platforms like Google and Facebook are built through scientific research and applications.

But, Digital Marketing is also an art because you need consistent practice to deliver the results.

Digital marketing institute in raipur


Remember Leonardo da Vinci, who created this beautiful and epic painting.
It’s the most discussed painting in the world, and as an artist, his work has an impact. Also, in a single painting, he has shown the dark graceful and various shadows.

I took this reference of epic painting just to make you realize that this painting doesn’t came overnight of a sudden drawing, it came out as a result of consistent practice and sheer passion of painting.

So if you are planning to step into Digital Marketing, make sure you have this two most important things :

  1. Passion to learn and upgrade yourself
  2. Consistency

Always Remember,

“But, they kept adding brick every hour.”

Also remember, it’s not only you who is working hard to get results. There is huge competition in the market and so is the opportunity.

Because brands are investing huge in Digital Media Marketing and there is a huge skill gap.

Businesses are ready to spend huge money on marketing, but they don’t know how and where to spend it to get a better Return on Investment or ROI.

So, if you are planning for making a career as a Digital marketer or starting as

Digital marketing internships in Raipur

You need to have right knowledge,

You need to be skilled to apply,

You need to be relevant,

You need to be consistent,

You need to be creative,

You need to be result oreinted,

Because in the end, whether you work for a Digital Marketing company or a freelancer, you need to perform and deliver very well.

So when we claim the best Digital marketing institute in Raipur,

we say it so because we teach you how to deliver results.

Under our Digital marketing training program as a intern, you work in live projects and we work to make you a successful Digital marketer.

If you want to know more about our teaching, come and attend a demo class and experience the methodology.

For more information, visit our center :

Digital marketing coaching in Raipur

5 awesome ways for Facebook marketers to A/B test there ad creatives for higher conversion rate

Digital Marketers

Creatives are a huge part of the ad campaign. I always like to test a few different types so I thought I’d share them with you guys in case you need ideas

1. Plain images of the client – these ones are just pictures of my clients with no writing on them. Make sure they are relevant to the copy of the ad

2. Ads with whatever the offer is written aka free consultation or guide or quiz (make sure it passes the ad grid text) – a lot of people say these look too much like ads but they crush it for me. i like having it have some pattern interrupt.

3. Videos- if you or your client are good on video, definitely test out some videos. attention spans can be short so i try to keep these under 2 minutes. bonus points if you can get it under 1 minute so it can work on instagram too.

4. Relevant stock images- now stock images definitely do not always work depending on the case and some people probably read this and rolled their eyes lol. I used to be super against them. But in the last couple weeks I actually rolled them out to a campaign that needed fresh creative and picked something super relevant and its working pretty well. It depends on the case but if used in a creative and strategic way, stock can do well.

5. Credible images: have you or your clients spoken on stage? have you won any awards? got pics to prove it? pics that position people as an authority usually do pretty well for me.

What types of creatives are working well for you?

Digital Marketing Company In Indore | Top 20 digital marketing companies

Digital Marketing Company in Indore.

Are you looking for a Digital Marketing Company In Indore? We have curated some best companies  for you

Not many people decide to go in the field of digital marketing  but some of them do so I have picked Some Top digital marketing company in Indore:

  1. Obabuji: They are an inventive full-service agency that specializes in Digitalizing brands. Their approach encourages deeper, more personal brand connections. is best Digital marketing in Indore, also provide best services in various field like website designing, apps designing, social media marketing and seo marketing in Indore. They are available as Digital marketing company in Indore, website designing in Indore, apps designing in Indore and social media marketing in Indore, seo marketing in Indore.  
  2. AB Infotech:  At AB Infotech you get the best Quality and affordable services for Digital Marketing company in Indore, SEO Services, Social Media Services, Website Development and Software Development, in short, you get the complete 360° Solutions for your Business.At AB Infotech they focus on delivering high-quality services, which is the only reason to have an extremely low churn rate
  3. Full scoop: In Fullscoop, they create stunning identities for their clients that people fall in love with. Whether it’s an app icon, a logo for a hot startup, or creating a presence on social media platforms, they’ll work hard until you can’t help but say “WOW!”.At Fullscoop, we have highly skilled and professional team of dedicated web professionals to take care of your projects
  4. Emaxglobal: A team of more than 35 employees (including about 15 people belonging to an agency), RackBank has been able to scale pretty rapidly. “There are close to 20 data centers in India and it is not an easy job to run one. All our employees are trained in the area and we’ve hired very carefully to build a reliable business,” says the owner.
  5. ISHAN: ISHAN-Consult Founded by Ishan Mishra, has experience in social media and new media.Focuses on internet-based management of products and services. Helps in communicating and engaging with audiences and monetizes presence in social media. IT Services Company in U.S & India ISHAN-Consult also named as Ishan is a global IT services company that provides Business Process Outsourcing, Offshore Software and Web design, Digital Marketing and Data Processing, Domain and WebHosting Services.
  6. Clickonix Media TechnologyClickOnix Digital Media focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore e-Business, IT Solutions, Digital Marketing & Development services. With a rich and varied experience in providing Online Marketing, Web Technology Services, project management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure to develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. They are highly professional at developing and implementing applications for mission-critical and enterprise-wide projects.
    They specialize in E-Business Solutions wherein the team undertake designing, development, maintenance, and promotion of websites coupled with any other Web Applications. they are one of the smartest Digital marketing company in Indore.”
  7. CrazyonwebLogo: Crazyonweb is an India based Internet Marketing Company offers world class SEO, PPC, Social Media and Link building services to the clients across the world. We have an expert team of SEO and PPC professionals who can understand client’s requirements and fulfill it on time. Our Internet marketing services commit you the best quality services to get success. Our expertise in Search marketing helps our clients to be on top in the competition. Our cutting-edge process is reliable and that is why we have strong bonding with our clients. Our expertise in Search marketing helps our clients to be on top in the competition. Our cutting edge process is reliable and that is why we have strong bonding with our clients.
  8. Convetus: Covetus is a synonym for leveraging a magical soft impact to your business which will further strengthen your roots and brand image. We craft the architecture in several tiers according to your choice of delicacy along with that we turn over new leaf when it is concerned with the Business growth. We serve with intelligent business functionalities in our menu of services where you could opt for which outfits you the best. We possess the knack to bolster up the mighty giants along with that we give up a kick start to the new seedlings sprouting up in the IT scenario.
  9. InnovationIndustry: Innovation Industry works according to your vision to transforms your idea into a website or a mobile app. Our purpose is to produce a digital solution that helps individuals, small and large businesses to get profits and grow. We also help you to populate your product and services with Digital marketing company in Indore to bring customers from all over the world.
  10. MATIC: Matic Technologies is one of the leading company in the field of Product Development, Mobile App Development, Quality Assurance and Testing, Performance Measurement and Optimization, Support and maintenance and Internet Marketing. We deal with so many clients across the globe, when there is a need for outsourcing of the client’s for their Custom Web Application Development services, clients always opt for us. At Matic Technologies we stick to the principle of innovative, trustworthy and desirable Website Application Development services to transform your rough ideas into a workable plan.
  11. Chetaru International Digital Agency: Founded in India in 2010, Chetaru has gone from strength to strength. We are now a team of over 30, all dedicated to getting the most out of online activity for our clients. Even though we have recently expanded to the UK we have managed to maintain competitive prices as we stay strong to our Indian heritage and understand how to distribute work effectively to maintain streamlined costs for our clients, whilst delivering high quality results.
  12. Funderbeam: A one-stop agency for web designing and digital marketing services. We produce an exceptional return on digital marketing investments for our clients. With powerful web designs and integrated online marketing campaigns, we help brands in lead generation, digital branding, online experience and web analytics. You can trust on them when it comes to Digital marketing company in Indore.
  13. Pitechnologies:Pi Technologies is the fastest growing IT company in Indore, India. We provide best optimize and cost effective online solutions to our clients. We develop effective web applications (app), responsive website design and white hat seo services. And therefore recognized as best in class web app seo company in Indore and across the globe.
  14. DIGILAWN: DigiLawn Media Agency is a Internet Marketing Firm established by number of professionals and specialists. The Firm is a result of the effort and wealthy experience of our group. The company was established with an aim to provide the best Internet marketing service to customers, assisting them to build their brand in digital marketing space.DigLawn is a Reputed Internet Marketing Company, aimed towards offering great concepts and techniques to our associates and assisting them to follow to the top.
  15. Coupsteer: COUPSTEER is not a typical Digital Marketing Company, with an average age only 23, where expertise is beyond years & creativity boundless. Coupsteer is creative online marketing agency, based in India. We expertise in Digital Marketing, Brand Building & Online Reputation Management of Political Leaders, Governing Politician, Celebrities- all Bollywood, Sports, Social Media Celebrities & more; and internet marketing of Educational or Academic institutes.
  16. Mr. Digito: Since 2015, a team of entrepreneurs is diligently going regarding the business of raising your business within the digital world. That entrepreneurial streak remains alive keeping the United States quick on our feet, wanting to invent and learn whereas staying firmly connected, similarly as committed, with our digital domain.Our co-innovation science lab hand-holds you thru the whole lifecycle of development right from conceptualization to on-line reaching and selling (sometimes, with Associate in Nursing offline twist) through our acceleration module – whereas keeping a firm grip on business viability similarly as market opportunities.
  17. Dazzel Digital: Dazzel Digital is the team of young, energetic and passionate individuals strongly believe “Marketing is not only about just helping sales, but it is also about brand building, understanding consumer psyche and customer retention” lead by Ratnesh, Tejaswini, and Ayush. We provide complete digital marketing services with our strategic brand solutions and best-class creative. We have truly redefined the term “Digital Communication” as we realize effective online marketing isn’t just about having a beautifully designed website. It is more about having a deep understanding of the web and using that knowledge and experience to measurable results.
  18. MP09 Digital: It is a well reputed digital marketing company Offering technology architecture designing services, social media optimization, online reputation management, advertising services etc. they have ranked on the top list of Google by doing good work and ensuring customer satisfaction and are one of a top Digital marketing company in Indore.
  19. DigiClay: Digiclay Infotech is a decade young company headed by team of professionals. Its two directors with a unique combination of technical and non-technical expertise. This USP has to lead a strong foundation for the growth of the company. If we visualize this strength we find all dimension covered be it. Marketing, administrator, public relation, customer support, and management. Or be it the other side that is technically competent latest know-how, fast-moving, and drifting technologies its adaptability and best user, versatile solutions at industrial corporate territory national and global level.
  20. Aquarian Resources: We are agents of change. We cut the crap, we fill the gap. We add to the null, we enhance the dull. We are here to redefine the way your brand should be treated. Interactive branding is our hobby. A good design is our language. And the people who understand the worth and impact of a complete makeover are probably the ones we provide with a “Unique Brand Statement”. they are one of the best Digital marketing company in Indore.

To know about digital marketing agency in Raipur.

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