Top 30 Digital Marketing Blogs you must follow in 2019 [Categorywise]

10 Most important Blogs on Content Marketing

1.Copy blogger

VentureBeat said that “Copyblogger is the bible of content marketing”. For providing started information on content marketing it started the blog in 2006. The founder of Copyblogger is Brian Clark was a one-man army. He started his journey of CopyBlogger but today it is one of the best content marketing blogger. Basically, content marketing not only SEO, blogging or content writing but it’s far more than that. It gives you all the relevant information and facts related to content marketing about what’s new is going on with online content marketing.

2.Content Marketing Institute  

Content marketing institute is leading as one of the best training organization. In every spring season, the largest content marketing world event and content tech summit event every September. It was founded by Joe Pulizzi. In this training institute, he provides content marketing education globally, how to retain and attract customers by evoking their interests.


It was started in 2004. It is the home for bloggers who wants to create and grow their blog. Then they grow themself to work professionally as bloggers. They use to get around 8,000 posts which are related to blogging advice, tips, and also they provide tutorials of the latest blogging trends.


Joe Pulizzi was the founder of Scoop in 2011. He loves to work passionately on content marketing and also works on how to be better in brand marketing. It was launched itself as a Content curation service. Presently, it reached up to more than millions of people which are reading by thousands of millions of peoples. It started because it believes that software and technology can make content publishing better in the future.

Digital Marketing Blogs

5.Convince and Convert

Convince and convert was started in 2008 by Jay Baer. In 1993 when online marketing started, he has advised many brands which are around 700. It is not only just an agency who solves the problem of customers but it is a counselor who makes working easy and helps to resolve the issue. It is one of the highly-focused and experienced firms in the field of digital marketing.

6.Seth’s blog  

Seth blog is started by Godin Seth. He is a teacher and also interested in writing. So, long he has written around 19 books which are also emerged as best selling books. He generally writes on the basis of business, management, and motivation. He shares the content, which can help people to be positive and self about their life. He tries his best to provide powerful messages for the business and marketers to grow in their field.


Buzzsumo is all about the content based tool, it is one of the influential online growing tools which helps to find out which type of content is in trend, which type of content will be popular in the web, which type of content by topic will be popular in the web and many other categories this tool finds the best and shareable content for writing. It also does the competitor’s analysis, keyword alerts, information influencers, and content insights.

8.The Copy Bot

 The founder of The copy bot was Demain Farnworth. He is the former chief content writer who is one of the best web writers. He provides people with the best advice related to web writing, tips for content marketing. The goal of the website is to provide the best service. It is achievable by giving actionable advice to the users how to connect with the users by using their content and how to attract them for that content.

9.Newscred Insights

It was founded in 2008 for working in the area of content marketing Newscred insights is the global leader whose main focus was marketing. It is the powerful platform for the marketers to grow in their field by breaking the older methods of marketing, to grow by providing the powerful resources to the marketers to inspire them, educate them and for making marketing better.

10.Tipping Point Labs

It was founded in 2002 by James Cosco. Tipping point lab is one of the top ten digital content creation agency where everyone works on creative content, creating new ideas about how to make your content so valuable that can help to brand, marketing. For making project-video, web platform or ebook they use the best stylistic approach and also have years of experience in it.

10 Most important blogs on SEO


Moz not only writes a blog but also it builds a tool which makes SEO, inbound marketing, link building and also content marketing easy. In 2002, Moz was Rand Fishkin and its headquarters is located in US, Seattle, Washington. Moz totally focuses on SEO because according to Rand Fishkin it is the best to do marketing and also it gives the opportunity to the users to simplify the SEO by building a Moz software and tool for SEO.

2.Search Engine Land

All the aspects of Digital Marketing, advertising technology, and Martech landscape are covered by two sites MarTech Today and Marketing Land which are founded by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman (VP of Programming & Founding Editor). Search Engine Land and its sibling’s publications are also founded by these veterans only and useThird Door Media to publish.

3.Search Engine Journal

To approach search marketing content SEJ is the unique community-based approach which was launched in 2003 which was founded by Loren Baker. To promote and to publish strategies, tactics, data, and tools that helps SEO to work SEJ, believes in “working smarter not harder”.It publishes daily content on topics like Social media, SEO, Paid search, Content strategy, Content marketing through which it attracts over 900,000 visitors monthly..

4.Search Engine Watch

This was initiated by Danny Sullivan in 1996 and in 1997, he sold  Search Engine Watch provides news and information about search engines and search engine marketing. In 1996, Search Engine Watch was founded by Danny Sullivan. In 1997, Sullivan sold it for an undisclosed amount to MecklerMedia.Search Engine Watch provides tips and information about searching the web, analysis of the search engine industry and to help site owners who try to improve their ability to be found in search engines.

5.Search Engine Roundtable

In December 2003 Search Engine Roundtable was founded by Barry Schwartz. Search Engine Roundtable is a website on the news where topics related to the premier search engines discusses in it as reported on Internet forums

Digital Marketing Blogs


Today Semrush works as a SaaS that is Software as a Service but previously it was founded as an SEO tool and also as a browser extension. Founder of Semrush was Oleg Schchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov. SEMrush is a company which sells marketing analytics software subscriptions in Philadelphia as a SaaS-based Company.

7.SEO book

Seo book was founded by Aaron Wall in 2003. SEO book offers many things like search analysis, marketing tips, online business tips, and general commentary on the evolution of the web from an algorithmic, publishing & business model perspective.SEO book was previously designed a blog and one of the oldest sites that are regularly updated.


The founder of  Yoast was Joost de Valk in 2010. The aim of Yoast was only Seo which helps everyone to give chance to rank in search engines. To attract the traffic they desire Yoast SEO plugin, blog posts, and online courses should enable both large companies as well as small websites.


For best and proof are driven SEO advice Backlinko is the platform for professional marketers. The founder of Backlinko was Brian Dean, who is one of the internationally recognized SEO experts. He started this to teach the lessons he learned by his experience. Soon he started to publish the strategies that help marketers to grow their business.

10.Seo by the Sea

The founder of SEO by the Sea is Bill Slawski in 1996. This blog helps you to learn directly from the search engines and collect information from there such as patent filings and whitepapers, to check the rankings of the web pages in the search engines, to understand the assumptions and processes behind the working of search engines.

10 Most important Blogs by the Famous Bloggers


In the beginning, Quicksprout was started by one of the world’s leading digital marketer Neil Patel in the early ’20s i.e., 2008. In the discipline of digital marketing, by working from years Neil Patel built Quicksprout as the major site for digital marketing. In the present, the charge of Quicksprout is Corry Cummings and Lars Lofgren. It shares the tips, tricks, hacks for business growth.


The founder of Hubspot is Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. The goal of HubSpot products and services is to offer tools for content management, social media marketing,  web analytics, and search engine optimization. Basically to help companies for attracting visitors, converting leads and close customers, Hubspot offers software for inbound marketing and sales.

3.Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya was founded by Pradeep Chopra in 2009. It is Asia’s leading training company for Digital Marketing and Data Science and also in India it was the first to start the Workshop series of Social media marketing. It worked with over 35000+ professionals with 15000+ brands like Cisco, MakeMyTripmarketing. etc and all these contributed their presence in more than 3000+ training for Digital marketing and data science.

4.Social Media Examiner

Social media examiner gives the solution of all the problem if you are struggling with using Social media to connect with customers, brand awareness, drive traffic, and to increase leads. As it helps millions of businesses by providing their resources it came up as the World’s largest social media marketing resource. The goal of Social Media Examiner is to constantly work on the trends and changes going on with Social media. It was founded by Michael Stelzner in 2009 and today 60 million are getting advantage from the content.

5.Buffer Blog

The founder of Buffer Blog is Joel Gascoigne. They are the fully distributed team, meaning that we’ll be fixing bugs and replying to your questions from around the world. To schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage their accounts in one place is what buffer do, to help businesses and marketing teams and all these things are done by the buffer to make things easy and time-saving for the companies.

Digital Marketing Blogs


AFAQ’s is known for its Advertising, Media, Marketing, Digital & Agencies. The online leader in marketing communications whose objective is to fulfill the information needs and to make the lives easier od professional in advertising, media, and Marketing. It was started on 28 September 1999. It was originally named as agencyfaqs later it was rebranded as afaqs.

7.Shout me loud

In 2008, Harsh Agrawal founded Shout me Loud. His passion was to learn and sharing it to people so, he started blogging to explore himself. To share his favorite things with the world Harsh Agrawal found a great medium for this that is blogging. Firstly he shared random stuff after that he started sharing the things which worked for him. That’s how ShoutMeLoud was started.


Kissmetrics is simply an automation platform designed for customer engagement. This platform is designed to achieve the goal of understanding customer behaviours and increase the level of engagements. It was founded by Neil Patel in 2008 for the user’s to provide the solution for engagement level of the customers, the effectiveness of product performance Neil Patel just combined the Behavioural analytics with an automated email campaign.

9.Digital Deepak

 The founder of is Deepak KanakaRaju who writes about digital marketing on this blog and also a columnist at and YourStory. Digital Deepak is one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India. It provides an ultimate guide to Content marketing which made his name as the well-known brand. He started it for personal blogging where he makes the notes on Digital Marketing for the future.

10.Neil Patel

Neil Patel founded it in 2017 who has 116 members in his team. He is the New York Times bestselling author. He is recognized as the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by President Barack Obama. He is listed as top 10 marketers by Forbes. This blog is the guide for advice, tips, and tricks all related to Digital Marketing.

These were the famous blogs which are approximately followed by everyone in the world. Either to get an idea for writing or using their advice while working as a Digital Marketer.


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