All you need to know about types of chatbot!

What is chatbot?

Before studying about types of chatbot you need to know about chatbot:

Chatbots are computer programs that can read messages (email, SMS, chat …) and answer them in a few seconds, thanks to a set of pre-recorded answers.

In this sense, chatbots are not a recent invention. In 2001, for example, a company called Active Buddy launched SmarterChild, a bot for instant messaging from AOL, MSN Messenger and SMS.

Chatbots are those conversational entities that are available to chat with your clients 24/7. For businesses that cannot employ a customer care services all around the clock, these pieces of computer code can come in very handy. The chatbots not only learn and redirect user to the important web pages in a website but also collect useful user information that can help you to sell your products better

The different types of chatbots are:

1. Flow Chatbots
2. AI ChatBots
3. Hybrids
4. One-way AI Bots
5. Two-way AI Bots

Some common examples are:

Facebook Messenger Bot
Twitter Messenger Bot
Slack Bot
Telegram Bot

Types of artificial intelligence

    • Weak AI (narrow AI) – non-sentient machine intelligence, typically focused on a narrow task (narrow AI).


    • Strong AI – (hypothetical) sentient machine (with consciousness and mind).


    • Artificial general intelligence (AGI) – (hypothetical) machine with the ability to apply intelligence to any problem, rather than just one specific problem, typically meaning “at least as smart as a typical human”.


  • Superintelligence – (hypothetical) artificial intelligence far surpassing that of the brightest and most gifted human minds.

Few types of AI on the basis of Applications/Scenarios:

    • Computer Vision:- Analysing and understanding visual information is a reasonably complex task that typically requires artificial intelligence.


    • Neural Network: -Artificial neural networks are an AI approach that were originally inspired by biological neural networks. With time their resemblance to biology has decreased and they are now typically based on statistics and signal processing techniques.


    • Self Replicating Systems:- Software easily self replicates with operations such as file copy. It is also possible for robots to self-replicate. This has practical applications such as space exploration.


    • Technological Singularity:- A hypothetical scenario whereby artificial intelligence rapidly improves by many orders of magnitude using techniques such as recursive self-improvement. Generally thought to result in a superintelligence that humans can’t understand or control.


  • Artificial Stupidity:- The ability for an artificial intelligence to perform sub-optimally in certain contexts. For example, a game bot may adapt its intelligence to the skill of the other players in a game.


There are typically two types of chatbots:

  1. Sequential Chatbots:These are the kind of chatbots that follow a conversation flow defined by the maker. The chatbot does not and cannot go out of this scope, meaning a user cannot ask questions like ‘how are you?’, ‘what’s the weather like today’. It’s more like a question and answer session, where only the bot will be allowed to ask questions. Sequential chatbots are generally useful where we want to automate tasks like Filing a grievance, logging feedback, capturing leads etc. It does not have any AI/ NLP capabilities to understand the user and thus are regarded as dumb bots.
  1. Intelligent Chatbots:As the name suggests, these bots provide the opportunity to users to ask any questions they have. And if trained to answer that question, it will. These contain AI technology and Natural Language Processing algorithms, which are able to understand what the user trying to say and understand the intent of it. Having AI, it is smart enough to understand the spelling mistakes of the users, and understand the actual question of the user if poorly written. Such bots need to be trained regularly based on either previous conversations or the questions which are bound to be most frequently asked. Enabling languages other than English can also be done using AI & Machine Learning, although it is a challenge.


The types of chatbot development happening these days are

    • Manufacturing bots


    • Retail bots


    • Hospitality bots


    • Healthcare bots


    • HR bots


    • Sales and marketing bots


    • Customer care bots


    • Banking bots


    • Supply chain bots


    • Workspace productivity bots


  • Insurance bots

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