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Make Content Marketing effective with our Content Marketing Services. With our content marketing service packages, our experienced team ideate & develop search engine friendly & custom content for your business. From copywriting to blog posts to online guides, you can do it all with NB Digital Technologies.

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Basic Plan


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16 Posts
4 Stories (FB & Instagram)
4 Monthly Jayanti Post

Standard Plan


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4 GIF + 16 POST
4 Stories (FB & Instagram) + 4 Monthly Jayanti Post
4- 6 HOW TO: Typography video(30 sec)
4 Infographic Ads

Premium Plan

1 Lac send me proposal
8 GIF + 24 POST
8 Stories (FB & Instagram) + 4 Monthly Jayanti Post
4- 6 HOW TO: Typography video(30 sec) + 4 Infographic Ads
Shoot - Owners interview video + Client testimonial Video + 10 edited video's with voice over + 1 Drone shoot video

Sales - Oriented Content Marketing Services

Trying to convert most of your leads? Drip Marketing is one of the best ways to offer your leads relevant, targeted and on time emails, hence keeping your Company in the forefront of the mind of your leads. NB Digital Technologies Drip Marketing Package includes:

Content Marketing is considered to be the most powerful Digital Marketing strategy. It is essential to increase your company’s revenue as when it is strategically implemented, it has the ability to double your website conversion rates, increase website traffic & build Brand awareness. With our content marketing Services, you can expect SEO standardised Custom content to fuel your content marketing efforts & grow your business.

Also you can trust us with Transparency as we do not believe in any hidden charges or secret strategies.

The performance metrics that we review are return on Investment (ROI) & Conversion Rate. We also provide you 24 X 7 access to the real time performance of your Content marketing strategy.

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NB Digital Technologies for social media marketing. Why? How? Find the answers to these questions by exploring our pricing.

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We understand every business is different, has different goals, and hence different marketing strategies. We offer specialized and personalized content marketing services for every business. Whether you are searching to advertise on one social platform or five, contact our team of award-winning strategists to understand more about our meticulously tailored local seo services plans.

Sales - Oriented Content Marketing Services

1. Content Strategy

We build customized content marketing strategies for your business, audience & goals.

2. Content Development

We research and develop the best Content Bucket for your company.

3. Content Creation

Our experienced in-house content Writers & Digital Content Creation team start creating your custom content.

4. Content Optimization

Our Content Marketing Services Package also includes SEO, which will optimize your content to reach your audience.

5. Content Promotion

Through our industry influencers and advertising tools, we promote your content in the platforms which will give the best ROI

6. Content Reporting

We will provide a simple content report that will tell you about the performance of the content.

NB Digital Technologies pricing: content marketing service

We understand every business is different, has different goals, and hence different marketing strategies. We offer specialized and personalized content marketing services for every business. Whether you are searching to advertise on one social platform or five, contact our team of award-winning strategists to understand more about our meticulously tailored social media marketing plans.

Feature Basic Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan
Number of Post 16 16 24
Keyword Research
Typography video
Infographic Ads
Monthly Jayanti Post
Stories (FB & Instagram)
Dedicated Content Marketing expert
Price 30,000 50,000 1 Lac
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Content marketing services: Our process

We are aware that companies have their unique requirements therefore we have come up with a range of packages to choose from or we can even customize them according to the company’s requirements.

Our Personalized strategies are result-driven,with a hands-on approach and a sincere project manager. This is what each of our clients receive irrespective of the package they select.

Also, if you are not able to select an apt package, you can always get in touch with our experienced online strategists who will direct you towards the best plan for your company.

They will also answer all your queries related to content marketing assets like: Long term content, blog posts, micrographics, infographics,online guides, videos, slideshares and much more.

Take your company towards its goal with personalized strategies and marketing campaigns delivered by our chosen team that you get with any of our packages.

Let's get to know our Content marketing services better

  1. Content strategy & keyword research
  2. Our content marketing team will fully understand your business and understand your industry type, audience & goals. Depending on that, we will develop a Content marketing strategy, designed to make your website visible to your customers & reach higher on search engines. The principal part of our content marketing strategy is Keyword Research. Our team develops valuable content that drives in high quality traffic through the targeted keywords.

    While conducting keyword research, we think about various factors-

    • Search Volume
    • A fair number of monthly searches is important to keep in mind while creating content. The keyword which has very high searches might not be suitable as it also increases the competition & wouldn't help us in achieving our goal So we also consider keywords with low search volume.

    • Competition
    • It can be quite challenging to rank high competition keywords depending on our SEO status. Thats why our Content Marketing Strategy also includes organic SEO services

    • User Intent
    • Our team analyses and researches keyword’s user intent in-depth to make sure that the keyword matches the user intent and that is why it is the most critical consideration while keyword research.

      Then we move onto developing a strategic content plan for you.

  3. Content development
  4. Our content development team produces quality content which is unique to your business, professionally written and edited according to the strategy. Our deliverables depend on various plans and if you want we can customize according to your business requirement.

  5. Content Creation
  6. We have our very talented in-house team of writers, graphic designers, video editors to create different forms of content types for unique requirements of your business like - blog posts, infographics, videos, online guides etc.

    After creation, our editor reviews each piece of content and ensures if it is Brand Standardardized. Finally, they will forward it to your team for feedback

  7. Content Optimization
  8. The content is user & search engine optimized to the content to get more happy readers and increase the conversion rate. By focusing on Content Optimization, we give data to Google that is needed to determine what your content is about and it will be easy to gather information about your business.

  9. Content Promotion
  10. After the content is created, our content marketing team will get into content promotion. Our capable content influencers will work to propagate your content online via various social media platforms to get maximum reach. With content promotion you can increase your brand awareness. It will help you connect with a larger volume of people with increased site traffic and thus there will be higher conversion rate and revenue.

    We can also do paid strategies like pay-per-click. Social Media Marketing is an effective content marketing strategy for content promotion.

  11. Monthly Reporting
  12. Our Content Marketing Services include custom reporting where you will receive a monthly content marketing strategy report by the dedicated Account Manager which will contain all insightful information and also provide you with real time access to monitor ROI.

Why invest in content Marketing Services

Content Marketing is must for the businesses that are into Digital Marketing. Even if your company is marketing offline, the content marketing strategies offer value to your customers. With a strong Content Marketing Strategy, you can connect your audience anywhere in the world.

Note- worthy benefits of the connection includes:

Business Growth

80% of consumers are now online researching about a product or services that they may require.

And Now if you want to grow your business, you cannot rely on traditional marketing as online Visibility is Critical and content marketing comes in here.

With our strategic content marketing plan, you can get connected to your potential customers in different stages of buying funnel.

Build Brand Awareness

Today, we are living in a Brand Conscious World. It is the most valuable thing and it defines your business. It contributed to client loyalty and retention and so it influences their purchasing decisions which is why Brand Awareness is imperative. It takes time to Build Brand Awareness which is why it is an ongoing strategy. Like SEO, content marketing builds brand awareness and delivers long term revenue. With our Content Marketing Management services, you can reach out to your targeted audience and create a great impact in their mind so that they think of you when they think of your product /service.

Wondering Why? This is because you have been nourishing them with high quality & very informative content by providing value & guidance and answering their questions. It has been said that content marketing is the powerhouse for Brand Awareness. By building & establishing Brand Loyalty, you can massively increase your revenue.

Reach Target Audience

Our Experienced team learns about your potential audience & research about their preferences & pain points and build a competitive strategy for your target audience that would encourage them to read, interact and get influenced by and share it. shoppers read almost 12 pieces of content before purchasing

With our content marketing team, we will create a personalized strategy that includes funnel content and that would influence their decision making power of the customer.

Research hashtags to encourage users to drive campaigns

Increase your consumer Base

Most of the companies focus on Bottom Of The Funnel Customers as these customers offer immediate results. If you want to grow your business, you also need to think about customers on the top of the funnel. They may take a while to respond as they would first want to know about your business.through content, article & blog posts rather than advertisements. more than 70 percent of marketers find content marketing more effective than Print ads By Considering the steps of buying funnel in content marketing strategy, you have the high potential to increase your consumer base. With more than a decade of experience, you can trust NB Digital Technologies and an excellent team with a track record of delivering innovative & result driven content.

Maximize Your ROI

Our content marketing services focus on developing valuable & evergreen content for your business that would attract new customers. That's why Content marketing has the ability to create a long term source of revenue for your business.Content Marketing delivers better ROi than traditional Marketing it. generates almost 55 percent more leads than traditional marketing. Also COntent Marketing costs 62 percent less. than traditional marketing hence, increasing the ROI of the company.

Why choose NB Digital Technologies for the best content marketing services?

Here is why you can trust us and our content marketing services:

Years Of Experience

Our experience has helped us to give results to our clients.we have been flexible and have adapted to the fast changing trends in this industry.

Satisfied Clients

We have over 95% of client retention rate and our clients only happily recommend us to their friends & family, leading to a great client recommendation score. Check what our clients want to tell you about our service.

Personalized Strategy

All the business is unique and understanding that NB Digital Technologies develop a customized content marketing strategy depending on the the business type and their audiences to drive unmatched results

Good agencies have more than 50 testimonials

Great agencies have more than 100 testimonials.

NB Digital Technologies has over 500+ glowing client testimonials.

See what makes us stand out

Account Managers

We provide you with a dedicated account manager who not only knows about your business very well but is also familiar with your team, handles all your account and your ‘go to’ person for all your queries

More than a Crore Worth Results

Your Success speaks about our Success. One Crore is not just a number but it is a real result that we have generated for our clients. Our strategies has helped the business to grow in a whole new different way and reach heights

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