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Boost your rankings on search results, get more qualified traffic, Enhance your business website with fully-managed SEO services from NB Digital Technologies
With our experienced SEO experts, and customized SEO strategy we can make SEO the biggest revenue generation channel for your business. Get in touch with us to learn more about Search Engine Optimization services

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Basic Plan

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5-6 keyphrases optimized
On page & off page SEO
4 pages of SEO copy
Strategically relevant blogs

Standard Plan

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8-10 keyphrases optimized
On page & off page SEO
6 pages of SEO copy
Dedicated SEO Expert

Premium Plan

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12-15 keyphrases optimized
On page & off page SEO
8 pages of SEO copy
Keyword research & selection

SEO Services that Drives Relevant Traffic & Generate Revenue

If you are looking for long term business growth in the digital world, SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy is ideal for your business. Wondering why it works? Well, simply because it targets most relevant users on search that are likely to convert with your website and draws them to the website.

A customized SEO campaign with NB Digital Technologies focuses on on-page and off-page SEO strategies, that comprises extensive keyword.

  1. research and content optimization that helps your most relevant audience to find out easily about your business online.

  2. Not just that, our highly experienced SEO team (and a dedicated account manager) will examine the outcomes of your business’s SEO strategy to make sure that campaigns are performing at its best and meeting your business goals

NB Digital Technologies For SEO Why? How? Find the answers to these questions by exploring our pricing.

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We understand every business is different, has different goals, and hence different marketing strategies. We offer specialized and personalized SEO services for every business. Whether you are searching to advertise on one social platform or five, contact our team of award-winning strategists to understand more about our meticulously tailored seo services plans.

NB Digital Technologies SEO services

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SEO optimized content
On page & off page SEO
Title Tags & Meta descriptions
Keyword mapping to target pages
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Our SEO services include ?

With NB Digital Technologies, your business get a complete SEO service that includes
  • On page SEO, off page SEO and technical SEO services

  • Extensive Keyword research

  • Customized SEO Strategies

  • Leads and revenue tracking

  • Important KPI and metrics tracking

  • Detailed competitive analysis and monitoring

  • A dedicated account manager

  • Monthly reporting and real time dashboards

As we are a full services agency, we can help grow your business online with a complete service whether its optimizing your website or expanding your online presence to a wider audience. For instance, we provide web design services, content marketing services and pay-per-click advertising service.

Good agencies have more than 50 testimonials

Great agencies have more than 100 testimonials.

NB Digital Technologies has over 500+ glowing client testimonials.

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Our Industry Best SEO process

Rigorous Research

When we start a SEO campaign, your dedicated SEO strategist begins with diving deep into your business, your website, your industry, and most importantly your competitors. We use our digital detective lens and use the information both qualitative and quantitative to formulate an effective plan for your website’s SEO.

  • Website audit and server analysis

  • Extensive competitors research

  • Critical analysis of all on-site


From IA to UX, we take care of every change whether big or small to make google’s algorithm work in your favour. With an experienced team of web developers, our seo agency can also help with technical SEO aspects such as website speed, usability, & functionality of your website.

  • Title and meta descriptions that get attention and drive relevant

  • Improved usability and user experience

  • Well defined website architecture


Content is what makes or breaks the brand, users are dependent on your content as their primary source of information that eventually moves them through the purchasing funnel. Be it your brand’s USP or informational content as a blog, we provide a huge array of content that will suit you brand and syncs with the taste of content of your target audience. We’ll help you by providing suggestions for content creation, compelling copies and quality content to surge not just your website in the ranking but also contributing to the company's growth.

  • Highly converting SEO copy

  • In depth content that educates

  • Informational blogs that attracts customers


An in-depth keyword research is at the core of our SEO services. Our keyword research experts dive deep into the world of keywords to select keywords that match your user’s search intent and drive relevant and valuable traffic to your website.With relevant traffic coming in to the website, it contributes in fresh leads, high value sales and brings more eye balls to the brand.

  • Meticulous Keyword Research

  • Competitive Keyword Research

  • Advance Keyword Strategies and Tracking

Earned Media and Backlinks

One of the most crucial factors in SEO is the earned media and backlinks from the relevant audiences and websites. Our specialized content marketing team will help your brand to create new opportunities for website’s growth by building links (and relationships) with authoritative and renowned experts in your Industry.

  • Content Promotion

  • Getting mentions from top experts, Influencers and Evangelists

  • Viral marketing Campaigns


Digital trends and user preference changes almost every second. To get relevance, qualified search traffic to your website is just a first step. We ensure that your website is driving users through the purchase funnel in a precise and concise way. Testing is one of the most important weapons for your digital success and making continual improvements to ace your SEO marketing strategy.

  • Conversion rate optimizations

  • User conversion flow testing

  • ROI testing v/s continual improvement

Customized SEO Services in India at

Transparent Prices

We are well versed in developing customized strategies for every business but the deliverable is subject to the specific requirements, to explore more about the SEO services feel free to reach out to us, we’re always available to help your business.
Organic search optimizations consists of various SEO techniques and our SEO agency in India utilizes every bit of it to boost your business and outrank your competitors
When you choose NB Digital Technologies as your SEO Service provider, you can choose any plan that fits your requirement & depending on that, you will have to pay a specific amount per month after the campaign initiation.

Which SEO Services are best for your business?

With an in-house team of SEO Specialists, NB Digital Technologies can provide your company with customized Search Engine Optimization services that you need.

We offer some dedicated services and you can take a look at it or,

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Local Seo Services

Boost your presence in Local search results with our Local Seo Services.

  • Google My Business setup & optimization

  • Local keyword research your product / services

  • Professional SEO copy or GMB posts

  • And many more.

View Local Seo Services

Ecommerce SEO Services

Increase your ecommerce sales & revenue with our ecommerce SEO Services.

  • Product Seo Copywriting

  • Product markup schema

  • Product image optimization

  • Shopping cart

  • And many more

View Ecommerce SEO Services

Enterprise SEO Servies

Simplify your corporate SEO with our enterprise seo services.

  • Technical SEO Audit

  • Professional SEO copy

  • Conversion Rate Optimization Analysis

  • Dedicated SEO specialists

  • Seo implementation strategists

  • And many more

View Enterprise SEO Services

SEO Audit Services

Boost your ranking in the search engine with our SEO audit services.

  • Comprehensive SEO audit checklist

  • Audit implementation

  • Support

  • 30 - 45 turnaround time

  • And many more

View SEO Audit Services

How can Seo management Services boost my online presence ?

Seo is one of the best digital marketing marketing strategies. It is a critical part of a successful business model. It will boost your online presence, attract qualified leads and earn more conversions.

However, Seo is not just one strategy. It is an umbrella term for all smaller strategies that work together to improve your search engine ranking which will create an effective revenue generation machine - your website.

Let's talk about the core strategies to use in SEO campaigns for website optimization.

Website Seo Audit

Website SEO Audit serves as the foundation of the SEO Plan.

How does SEO auditing help?

SEO experts can discover areas of improvement and opportunities for SEO strategy. That is the reason technical SEO audit is the initial step for building a plan.

Our dedicated account manager will do the audit of the following

  1. Your website

  2. Your website’s analytics

  3. Your Google Search Console data

  4. And many more

Our SEO team also uses SEO tools to get the best insights into your website.With these insights, we can take the best approach to building the SEO strategy for your business.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the critical part of SEO. It is the process of investigating the search volume, competition and cpc of keywords that is dedicated to your business industries. In this process, you will gain valuable insights into which keyword should you use in title tag, meta description, content and more.

Without keywords, you won't rank in search results to reach your target audience.It is essential for your business to tailor your efforts to your ideal customer.

Keyword Research helps your company to reach potential clients. You use the keywords & keyphrases in a blog, article or posts that your audience does, which optimizes your content and google & your audience understands what your business is all about.

When you use the right keyword in the important location on your website, you will rank high in search engines. You will attract qualified traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate.

Content Creation & Implementation

You cannot rank your website in search engines without a great & optimized content.

Content creation is always based on keyword research & includes such keywords that are important for your business & industry. You can use content to reach your target audience.

Content can be blog posts or ebooks or online guides, anything that is beneficial for your website.

We have listed some of the most popular kinds of content and how can they benefit the visitors,

  • Blogs
  • Blogs are a great option since you add them often and Google loves fresh content. They are generally short piece of content - 1000 words or less. People also love to follow blogs as they contain some great insights of the subject.

  • Services Page
  • Services page offers the details of the services that you offer. It is a great place to inform the visitors about the inclusions, offerings, pricing and such details of your services.

  • Product Page
  • Product page gives description and high resolution images of the product that you offer. The description includes - Colour, dimension, size, material, availability, ingredients etc. This page is very important as the visitor converts after reading the description. So it can make your break sales.

  • Long Form Content
  • Long form content - over 2000 words, provides alot of insightful, useful content that benefits your readers with the information of your industry.

    With compelling, optimized content & keyword targeting, NB Digital Technologies can provide your business with a competitive SEO plan that would boost your revenue.

On page optimization

You need to optimize your website for all on page factors as it is the essential part of SEO strategies to appear in google searches.

On page optimization means focussing on factors like the content, speed, design & user experience.

We take 360 degree approach by focussing on

  • Page Speed
  • Most of your viewers will navigate away if your website does not load in 3-4 seconds. It is an important factor as it is a part of user experience.

  • Multimedia
  • Your readers will get bored while reading the all piece of content. So to make it interesting, we need to include interactive images, videos of high resolution and keep users for longer periods of time.

  • Responsiveness
  • To ensure that users on smartphones, tablets or desktop get the same experience, it is important that websites should be responsive. It sends a great signal to Google.

  • Quality Content
  • You need to ensure that you provide a long piece of content which is easy to read, loads fast and provides unique & valuable information. That is what we call as Quality Content

These are just 3 of many seo strategies. To know about more contact us online.

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Why Choose NB Digital Technologies for your website SEO Services?

Are you looking for an SEO agency that knows how to drive valuable results, NB Digital Technologies fills your search criteria. We have a decade of experience and have helped more than 100 of clients with outstanding SEO services & results.

We have driven leads that are worth more than crores for our clients and it keeps growing.

We are a full services Digital Marketing Firm and we provide services that work extremely well alongside our SEO Services

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Your company can leverage cost-effective forms of paid marketing to reach customers via paid search. Discover how our Pay Per Click management services can boost your revenue.

  • Content Marketing
  • Support your Seo strategy with competitive content marketing strategy that will make your audience want to read, share & act according to the CTA.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Our web development team can build an attractive & easy to use website with the best user experience that would attract more and more traffic to your website.

  • Email Marketing
  • Connect your potential clients with search results & continue to build relationships with them through email marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Whether you are looking to promote your business organically or with facebook ads, our social media team can build a custom strategy for you Apart from this, we also offer Landing page design services, reputation management, video marketing & many more that makes us one of the best SEO agencies for o=not only optimizing your website but also boosting your revenue.

How to choose the best SEO Management Company?

As SEO is a long term strategy, it is important for your team to choose the best SEO agencies. There are several qualities that you would need to see while comparing them.

  1. Transparency
  2. When it comes to helping you manage SEO, your company should be transparent from start to finish. Whether you are a small company or a brand, you need an agency that is completely honest with you. Starting from experience, team to pricing, strategies, they should disclose everything in their website itself.

  3. Testimonials
  4. Testimonials of previous clients telling about their working experience with the agency matters a lot. They come directly from real clients and the testimonial count should be big as it tells about their experience, quality of work & about the years of service.

    Do you know, NB Digital technologies have more than 200 testimonials. Check out the testimonial page to know how was the experience of the companies partnering with us.

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