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NB Digital Technologies is a leading web design agency with an experienced & excellent team that creates custom web design & leverages your website to gain attraction, hence improve conversion rate & increase your revenue.

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We understand every business is different, has different goals, and hence different marketing strategies. We offer specialized and personalized social media design for every business. Whether you are searching to advertise on one social platform or five, contact our team of award-winning strategists to understand more about our meticulously tailored website design services plans.

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Web Design Services That Increases Your Conversion

In today's era, your website is the first point of contact your customers will have with your business.

That is why it is said that Web design is the first impression for almost 95% of users. You need to choose your web design agency very carefully as it will create a big impact in the name of your Business.

And So many companies are partnering with NB Digital Technologies, the website design agency that generates more than crores of revenue for their clients through web design.

With more than a decade of experience, we are confident enough to build a custom web design for your business & generate more & more revenue.

Invest in your feature-rich website with our Web Design Services

When you invest in our professional website design services, you are signing up for the feature-rich website thats:

  1. Custom
  2. Optimized for search engine optimized (SEO)
  3. Responsive
  4. Professionally styled
  5. Secure

As a part of our professional website design services, we can also include additional features according to your requirements.

Invest in your feature-rich website with our Web Design Services

When you invest in our professional website design services, you are signing up for the feature-rich website thats:

Transparent Web Design Services

You can count on us for 100% transparency with our web design services. Our dedicated team will provide your company with the complete access to plans, pricing & personalized quotes.

Web Design Services Inclusions:

We customize our web design services according to the unique needs of your company. The result is a website that would attract more & more customers & grow your business.

website that would attract more & more customers & grow your business

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What more do we have in our web design services;

Search Engine Optimization

SEO refers to a technique which allows you to increase your rank in search engines for relevant search results. We ensure that the website follows the best practices for search engine optimization & best digital marketing strategy to reach the highest position.

Higher the ranking, higher visibility among targeted audience. Your website will earn more clicks of high valued traffic - that can result in more store visit, online purchases, and other CTAs

Our Web designers coordinate with SEO specialists to not only create a website that looks good but also that ranks on the top of the search engine.

Website Pages

In our web design services, our designers create each and every page according to the need of your website.

Our designers understand your industry whether it is ecommerce, services provider or brick or mortar business, our web designers will create web pages that your business would need to reach & provide information to

engage with the targeted audience and convert them. As an excellent Digital Marketing Agency, we offer content marketing services to enhance the marketing strategy of your business.

Customized Style

Our Web design services include unlimited style as the website design needs to capture the brand. For example, you need a sophisticated website to emphasize the quality and the price of the products or service, we can achieve that for you.

Our websites are simple, attractive with moderate styling in world class design.

Our team will closely work with you to understand your preference, brand, goal & vision to create and design a perfect website for you.

Website Copywriting

Our web design services package also includes website copywriting services. Our experienced copywriters create compelling and catchy copies particularly for your business to engage with your targeted audience.

We also optimize the website copy for SEO. Our Digital Marketing specialist researches high-value & most relevant keywords for your business which our copywriters will use to optimize your webpages.

When your audience uses those keywords, your website will be visible to your customers. In fact, more than 30% of all search traffic goes to the first search result

Responsive Design

Our website design services also include responsive design & it is recommended because most of the crowd accessing your website are mobile users or shoppers usines tabs.

It is also the best practice for SEO as Google now follows a mobile first index - the google crawlers views the website as a mobile user

If your website isnt responsive, your ranking will be pushed down in the search results which means your website will be far from your target audience, losing on potential customers & revenue. We would prevent that from happening with your business with our web design services.

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System is also an add on feature of our web design services.

A CMS offers immense value to your website by managing your business and streamlining your content to improve the efficiency of your Content Marketing Strategy. Our team recommends a CMS as a part of our web design services.

Our team can match the needs and customize every aspect of your web design services to allow an unmatched level of personalization.

Why Professional Web design Services?

We consider some factors in our Professional web design services - we increase conversion rate, search ranking and many more. All these factors will directly create a positive impact on the profits of your business.

Lets Learn more about the specific benefits:

  1. Increased Conversion Rate
  2. The meaning of conversion is unique for all the businesses like Signing up for newsletter or a shopper purchasing a product.

    No matter what your conversion goal is, our web design services can help you in any case.

    Most Conversion relates to online interaction with the business which may be driving more in-store visits through Local SEO. IF you feature a website which is outdated and convey about your business poorly, it will result in a negative outcome and the audience will not get converted into your customers.

    With a modern & user-friendly website, you can create a positive impression and the audience is more likely to get converted.

  3. Optimized User Experience
  4. A website’s user experience offers an immense Return On Investment (ROI) for businesses.

    No matter what your conversion goal is, our web design services can help you in any case.

    With our professional web design services, Your business can provide the customer with the best experience throughout the website. Our team will work on usability, readability & user-friendliness whether on a mobile or desktop which makes it very convenient for a consumer to find all the relevant information needed to make a decision.

    The decision results in purchasing of a product, signing up newsletter, local store visit etc.

  5. Improved Search rankings
  6. If your website doesn't rank on the first page of search results, there is a high chance of losing potential customers. And that is why it is said that SEO is the most essential part of Web Marketing to rank and drive conversion, sales & subscribers for your business.

    With our professional web design & SEO strategy, your website will rank in search engines for keyword & search terms relevant to your business so that you do not miss any of your potential customers.

    With our design & optimization strategies, there is a high chance of your website ranking on the first page & allow your company to reach targeted audiences and convert them into customers.

  7. Enhanced Digital Marketing Strategy
  8. Your website is the online store for your business. It is where your users land from social media, search engines or any other source. That is why, it is imperative to to maintain an up to date website to support your digital marketing strategies.

    With such a website, the result of your other digital marketing strategies will also improve. For example, if you use email marketing, our web design services can help in increasing subscribers through website sign up forms.

How does NB Digital Technologies design Websites

At NB digital, we provide an all round experience which includes:

  • Layout development
  • Content creation
  • Optimization of conversions
  • Ux testing

If you are wondering how do we create such award- winning websites, its because of these 5 thumb rules:


The first step to get new customers is to have a beautiful website. How your website looks will tell your visitors more about your company than the content. A website that has all the modern design elements , well optimized images and multimedia will automatically convert customers rather than an outdated website. Therefore, the appearance of you website plays a key role for its success.

Responsive Design also has a very important role in your website. The term responsive design is reffered to the ability of the website to re-size itslef in order to fit on the screen of various types of devices. So, whether someone is seeing your website through a phone or desktop monitor, they will still get brilliant easy-to-use experience. Its true that a good- looking website will attract more customers but thats just the beiginning you also need to have a clear navigation.


Navigation in a website helps people find what they are looking for. All the modern websites have a simple navigation to work on all devices. One of the most popular navigation element is breadcrumb. Braedcrumb is easy for user because it links each page a person views as they navigate through the site.

Breadcrumb navigation lets your visitors jump bach to the previous page anytime they want. So, if you have an e-comerce site you can easily get your visitors from product page to category page in just one click. There are so many different Navigation styles available to choose from. You should just know what works for you the best to give youe visitors a user-friendly experience.

A good navigation experience will also take your visitors to multiple pages and hold their attention for long.


Now once you have the visitor on your site it's important to have their attention and keep them interested otherwise they leave the site and you might lose a sale.

Different companies have their different style of holding attention:

  • Video Marketing
  • It is catchy and effective to grab someone’s attention. Instead of forcing the audience to read long content, you can summarize the ideas in small videos. Texts can be boring but video captivates the audience from start till the end

  • Downloadable Content
  • The Downloadable content is the best way of earning new customers as you can ask for their email address before letting them download it. It is a great way to keep someone’s attention and giving your audience some free value.

  • Infographics
  • It instantly grabs the attention of people by providing them all useful information in one easy to read visualization. By creating a high quality, valuable & interesting infographics, you can earn traffic and attention.

    Once you have your visitor’s attention, it's time to direct them through your page

  • Ux testing

Direction is instructing your user on how they are suppose to proceed on the page - Like scrolling Down your page. Vertical Scrolling is the most common form of directing as it is intuitive & simple.

While desktop users use the mouse or arrow down button to progress through the page but mobile visitors use their fingers and swiping down is easy for them as well. This is again the concept of responsive design.

Responsive web design means that all device users get the same experience throughout but process it entirely differently. For example, Mega navigation in the header might be useful for desktop but in mobile devices, that's too much content in one place.


It is an ultimate goal for bringing in new customers to your website. Until and unless we do not encourage them, they won’t take any action. And we encourage them by using Call To Actions (CTAs) at the end.

A CTA directs the customer to their next step to become the customer. Studies have found that CTA has the ability to increase conversions. Whether you want someone to become your subscriber or want them to land in contact page, it is critical to use CTA in your web design. That is where our copywriters create compelling copies that would encourage the user to take necessary action and support your digital strategy.

It takes a while to create a performance-driven website that NB Digital Technology has always nailed. Our web designers will create a website that will make sure that you succeed online.

So instead, Mobile Sites should have hamburger menu to make the navigation very simple

Why partner with NB Digital Technologies for Web design Services

There are alot if reasons why businesses rely on NB Digital Technologies for best Web Design Services:

Decades of Experience

We have the most experienced team who are dedicatedly working the fielly for more than a decade. Our passionate design and their experience sets us apart from any other agency. Also, we adapt with the latest technologies and trends to provide the best to our customers.

100+ Satisfied Customers

We have worked with clients from different industries - manufacturing, health, ecommerce, finance and many more. Because of our client satisfaction, our client recommendation & client retention rate is very high.

Dedicated Project Manager

Our web design services provide you with a dedicated Project Manager working as an extension to our team and understanding your business goals and vision. He will be your one to one person for all the queries.

Custom Web Designs

We have a personalized approach to our web design services. We tailor-made every web design service package depending on a business’s unique needs. We ensure that the website will capture your branding and meet your vision.

Collaborate with NB Digital Technologies and get the best Web Design Services.

Get a Robust Website for your Business

We are ready to create a website that not only generates revenue for your business, but also satisfies your customers.

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