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Local SEO Services helps your local clients to find you locally and you are always on the top of list when your neighbourhood is thinking about your services and products. You will miss out on the most qualified traffic without Local SEO. Want to know how NB Digital Technologies can help your business? Contact Us NOw

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Local SEO Services: What is Local SEO?

As a Local Business, the majority of your customers are the people in your neighbourhood. Earlier, people used to depend on word of mouth to grow their business, but today, people rely on the internet to find services / products they need.

Local Search Engine Optimization is a strategy for businesses that are looking for increasing visibility in search engines, reaching more customers and of course - increasing sales.

Our Local Seo Services will boost your business listing in search engines. This will help you in appearing on the top of the search results when a potential client is looking for you. Ultimately, Our Local SEO Services will help you achieve top ranking & let people to find & contact you.

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We understand every business is different, has different goals, and hence different marketing strategies. We offer specialized and personalized local seo services for every business. Whether you are searching to advertise on one social platform or five, contact our team of award-winning strategists to understand more about our meticulously tailored local seo services plans.

What's Included?

Dedicated local SEO expert
On Page Local SEO
Off Page Local SEO
Local keyword research
Titles and meta descriptions
Monthly local SEO reports
Monthly reporting of local rankings

6 Local SEO Services for boosting your online ranking

If you want to boost your online ranking, you need to focus on Local SEO Services for your business.

  1. Google My Business Optimization
  2. Use Google My Business Optimization strategies & turn your Google listing to a free Customer acquisition tool for your local business.
    It contains key information about your business & it will appear when your potential customer searches for you. Key Information - Company’s Address, Hours, Website, Phone number, images & even reviews.
    Our Google My Business Optimization Services will help you to get the top spot of Google Listing and acquire more & more customers.

  3. Keyword Targeting
  4. You will need to target local Keyword to rank on the top of the search results.
    For example, if a dentist in Colaba want to rank in search engine, they could optimize their site title, meta description & sit copy to include the keywords “Top Dentist In Colaba” “Award winning Colaba Dentist” In addition, location-specific pages may also be created on the website.
    The main point is that targeting location based keywords will help your business appear in more local searches and attract local people.

  5. Rating & Review Management
  6. It is extremely important to maintain a good reputation for local businesses, respond to and monitor online reviews. Reviews and Ratings appear on your website and third party sites like Facebook, Google My Business etc. It is critical to respond to them in order to make your customers believe that you take their needs seriously.
    82% customer reads online reviews before taking a decision. So keep your reviews updatesd and respond to all the comment and queries of customers. This will encourage your customers to visit your business.
    NB Digital technologies offers online review management services to keep your digital presence updated.

  7. Link Building
  8. Earning backlinks from reputable local businesses can boost the ranking.
    It is possible by creating valuable content that targets local keywords & when other sites like your content, they can link back to your site.
    While ranking the site, Google considers both the quality and the number of backlinks. So we need to have a strong backlink profile in the local area.

  9. User Experience Analysis
  10. User Experience (UX) is extremely important for your site if you want to attract customers and engage them. If you do not have a great UX, the visitor will hit the back button immediately and that will increase your bounce rate. And the bounce rate is the indication of poor User experience & your search engine won't push your site in search engine.

  11. Mobile Responsive Design
  12. More than 60% of searches occurs from mobile. This makes it important for local businesses to adopt mobile responsive site designs. The mobile responsive site looks great & also performs well no matter if the person is using a tablet, mobile phone or desktop.
    Aren't you sure about your website being mobile responsive? Check here

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Benefits of Local Seo Services

Local SEO Services can create a great impact on your business. This is because searches including “near me” have lately increased by two times. That means more people are looking for business near them.
Also, 72% of consumers who perform a local search have visited the store within 5 miles. This is the reason why you need to optimize your website with Local SEO.
Here are some more benefits of Local SEO:

  1. Trackability
  2. Its a trackable strategy so you will know how your campaign is performing. Google Analytics allows you to know how effective Local SEO has been for your business & tweak things according to the results.

  3. Google My Business Results
  4. When you optimize your site with Local SEO, Google will push your site in the search results, show your location. Reviews & more information to entice users to visit your store.

  5. Increased web traffic
  6. Your web traffic will increase as your website will be more visible to the audience through Local SEO.
    Also with a GMB profile, people can read the reviews about your business.
    You are basically presenting yourself in front of your audience to increase website traffic.

  7. Foot Fall at your Location
  8. Local SEO will increase the footfalls to your locations. Many people will search ‘Salon near me’ with the intention of visiting the salon which is close to them. And your visibility in search engines gives you the opportunity to attract them

    Custom Local SEO services from NB Digital Technologies

    At NB Digital Technologies, we know that every business is different and so there requirements, goal & audience. And that is why we give you a chance to customize your local SEO plan based on your requirement.

    1. Local Keyword Research
    2. Keyword research is the most important part of any SEO Campaigns. It allows you to target your audience for your industry.

      The most important strategy is to implement local keywords by including the name of the town, city & state with the services. For example, Art Studio in Las Vegas

      At NB Digital Technologies, Local Keyword research is included in every package as it is mandatory.

    3. Google My Business Set Up & Optimization
    4. GMB is an ultimate tool for Local SEO. Without having a profile in GMB, it will be difficult to show up your page in search results.
      When you have a GMB profile, users will be served with valuable information about your business.
      POtential customers have high chances of visiting your store front as the information about your business is easily accessible.

      GMB Pages result page includes:

      1. Google rating
      2. Button To Website
      3. Button for direction
      4. Photos
      5. Physical Address
      6. Hours of operation
      7. Website
      8. Phone number
      9. FAQs
      10. Reviews
      11. People Also Search for

      These information will be available to your visitor at one go.and is extremely user friendly for those looking to visit your business

    5. On Page SEO
    6. Just Like Local Seo, We use our On Page SEO tactics to improve the rankings of your website in search engines. Our tactics include:

      • Keyword Optimization
      • As mentioned earlier, keywords are extremely important to reach your target audience. I will help you website to rank the keywords that are most suitable for your business type. This process will make sure that you have all relevant keywords in your business website.

      • Informative Content
      • Content is the key and without it you won't be able to rank your website as it has nothing to rank for. Informative content will be pushed up as Google has found something to show in search results & rank it if you have followed SEO best practices.

      • Page title with Keyword
      • Title is the first thing that a user will see & if in the title you don’t have what your user is looking for, it wont capture the attention and you wont get clicks on your website.

      • Alt tags on photos
      • Google cannot understand your image and that is why we use alt tags to tell Google what the image is about. It is a short description of the image and Google relies on the description to understand what it is. Without the ALT tag, images are blank to google.

    7. Website Copywriting with Locally optimized items
    8. As discussed earlier about the importance of Content in a website, Sp With any of our packages, you will get some web pages which have locally optimized keywords, photos & multimedia.

    9. Dedicated Account representative
    10. You will have a dedicated Account Representative because we want to make sure that all our clients are well taken care of. The account representative will understand about your business and see how it operates, how many locations you have? Any future Expansion Plans?

      We will then learn about your targeted audience, your competitors and their marketing tactics & tools that they are using. After understanding all of it, Nb Digital Technologies, a full services digital marketing agency will create a perfect marketing strategy and plan for your business.

    11. Reporting
    12. To ensure that your campaign is heading towards the right track, we will provide you with an ongoing monthly traffic report, GMB monthly performance report, and customer review reports. These reports are simple & easily understandable so that you are aware of how well we are spending your penny.

      And if you are looking to adopt Local SEO services, we cannot wait to hear from you.

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