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NB Digital Technologies is a top-tier social media marketing agency, which provides you with superlative social media strategies. The customized plans crafted by us for you can help you sculpture your brand awareness, spawn myriad revenue from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and more.

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Basic Plan


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16-18 Creative post on social channels(Facebook)
4 Monthly all jayanti/Festival post
2 Stories

Standard Plan


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16-18 Creative post on all four social channels(Facebook, Instagram)
4 Monthly all jayanti/Festival post
4-6 (video Creatives/GIF)
2 HOW TO: Typography video(30 sec)

Premium Plan


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20-24 Creative post on all four social channels(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin)
6-8 GIF/Short videos + 4 Monthly all jayanti/Festival post
4- 6 HOW TO: Typography video(30 sec) + 4 Infographic Ads
Shoot - Owners interview video + Client testimonial Video

Result-driven social media marketing services.

Numbers say 75% of people refer to social media before making a purchase decision. Social media serves as an essential tete a tete for shoppers in the business to customers (B2C) and business to business (B2B) industry, and that is the reason why social media marketing is of paramount importance.

With a huge clientele and client testimonials, NB Digital Technologies flaunts to be your best and trusted choice for social media marketing. With our team on our side, we will help you build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and easy communication with clients and client feedback.

NB Digital Technologies for social media marketing. Why? How? Find the answers to these questions by exploring our pricing.

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We understand every business is different, has different goals, and hence different marketing strategies. We offer specialized and personalized social media services for every business. Whether you are searching to advertise on one social platform or five, contact our team of award-winning strategists to understand more about our meticulously tailored local seo services plans.

NB Digital technologies pricing: social media marketing management service

Feature Basic Standard Premium
No of Post 1 2 4
Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
Standard Monthly Reporting and Analysis
Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization
price 12,000 20,000 30,000
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A note about our social media services

The Social Media Organic & Customer Service Full Management Plans include advertising management for boosted posts only to support a results-driven content marketing strategy on social media. The advertising does not include any other ads such as traffic ads, lead ads, shopping feed ads, marketplace ads, etc. All other ads other than boosted posts / sponsored content from organic content created or exceeds the maximum ad spend level requires a full social media advertising campaign in addition to the content management campaign.

What do NB digital technologies social media services include?

Being a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer everything and a wide range of services to bloom your business. Our services include:

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Popular domains on social media to advertise:

With our social media marketing, following platforms could prove to be beneficial for you

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Linkedin

  • Twitter

  • Google

  • We have a strong grip over these platforms due to their popularity among the masses. While there are other platforms such as snapchat but the above mentioned platforms provide the most value to our client.

    Our team thoroughly researches your industry, examine your goals and then device a strategy best suited for your to generate leads and convert visitor to customer

    No matter what business you are in or what market seems like, we have best plans for you.


    If you are wondering how does an award winning agency work, here is a peek-a-boo of our process. We have the most client retention and hence you can trust our unparalleled service;

    1. Meet your social media account manager

    2. Receive in depth analysis of your social media holdings

    3. Get a custom data driven strategy and customized plans implemented for your company

    4. See real tangible results

    Every step is designed to meticulously study, plan and implement your plan of taking good business from great business.

    Learn about every step in detail below:

    Meet your social media account manager

    When you invest in NB digital technologies social media marketing services, we provide you with a dedicated social media account manager. The social media specialist studies about your social media presence, your market reputation and your past social media standings. Their hand on approach is why our customized strategies have helped business generate revenue.

    This social media specialist oversees and manages every aspect of your social media campaign, from the content of your posts to the design of your images.

    Also they go beyond understanding of just your business. They keep in mind about your team and your preferred mode of communication. This what makes us different from other digital marketing agencies. You are comfortable asking questions about your strategy, no matter how advanced or basic they may seem.

    Receive an in depth analysis of your social media presence.

    After meeting with your social media account manager. He will launch your social media marketing campaign. They will ask a lot of questions about your business,

    conduct in depth analysis of your competitors and their social media marketing strategies. This also reveals any unique hurdle or obstacles.

    They share all the results openly before you keeping transparency in mind. For example they may highlight the performance of rival online or progress of your brand awareness online.

    All this information provides your account manager and business with a foundation for your social media strategy services.

    Customized strategy and plan implementation

    After the studies have been gone through and your social media market manager has received your team’s feedback, they lay the foundation of your long term and short term goals.

    Our dedicated social media specialist also references industry-specific data on past social media campaigns. This data, exclusive to NB Digital Technologies , encompasses billions of data points. It also provides your business with an unparalleled advantage when it comes to marketing on social media.

    After the strategy has been devised, your social media market manager presents it to your team. You are encouraged to send feedbacks. We want to ensure everyone understands your campaign and decisions behind it.

    The next step is implementation of your personalized social media marketing strategy.

    See real, tangible results

    Once the strategy is implemented, your dedicated social media specialist can start developing your monthly deliverables, like your custom posts, images, and ads. Every month, your team will need to review and approve these deliverables, which is fast and simple with our toolkit.

    In the first and following months of your social media campaign, your business should see noticeable changes in your day-to-day. You may see more orders result from social media, for example, or more comments or questions on your social media pages about your company, products, or events.

    After the strategy has been devised, your social media market manager presents it to your team. You are encouraged to send feedbacks. We want to ensure everyone understands your campaign and decisions behind it.

    At NB Digital technologies, this is the goal of our personalized social media marketing strategies.

    We yield substantial, real results.

    We like to create corporeal and tangible results for your business. This kind of change helps you accomplishing your long term goals such as expanding your business in some new area, hiring additional team member, or launching more products and services.

    This may seem next to impossible but with our social media marketing services, everything is possible. With our digital marketing services, we have helped business generate revenue, get qualified leads and calls.

    With a personalized social media marketing strategy and social media marketing manager, you can achieve your marketing goals. Plus, your social media marketing manager will continue to share analysis and optimize according market change

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    Good agencies have more than 50 testimonials

    Great agencies have more than 100 testimonials.

    NB Digital Technologies has over 500+ glowing client testimonials.

    See what makes us stand out

    Social media services; in depth:-

    Get to know more about our social media marketing services extensively to discover how they help your business grow, increase followers and even sales.

    Authentic and original posts

    People over the internet are drawn to original and unique content. Your dedicated social media marketing manager creates 15-75 posts for your business that has quality content and is original. No posts go live without your team’s approval

    Social media account audit

    Catapult your business with comprehensive social media account audit. Your dedicated social media marketing manager will track and study your past and current performances over social media to customize and develop competitive strategy for you.

    Brand reputation analysis

    You need a positive reputation in the market and over internet to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. Your dedicated social media account manager will review your social media account, looks for negative comments and posts about your company, plus provide recommendations on how to achieve a trusted reputation.

    Regularly updated content

    Your social media strategist will continue to stay in touch with latest change in your industry, your business, your targeted audience and your goals. Your social media account will be updated regularly with the current trend. Your dedicated social media marketing manager will monitor the performance and interaction on the posts they produced for your business.

    Dedicated social media account manager

    When you partner with NB digital technologies, you get to work with a dedicated social media account manager for your company. Their expertise and specialization help your business make most out of your social media marketing strategies.

    Transparently monthly report

    As a leading digital marketing agency, we advocate and practice transparency. Get a monthly report of your performance in the social media from your dedicated social media marketing manager that is also available for your team to access afterwards. Our reports are veracious.

    Pre Schedule content for multi-channel sharing

    At NB Digital Technologies, we understand the importance of time and hence your dedicated social media marketing manager pre schedule your content for different platforms, so that we don’t miss out the golden hour that gets you engagement. When you partner with NB digital Technologies, you don’t need to worry about punctuality.

    Research hashtags to encourage users to drive campaigns

    Hashtags are important to discover for a specific product, event or topic, because hashtags aggregate all social media content with the same hashtags. Your social media marketing manager studies the current trend and outlines trending hashtags that may prove to be beneficial for your business to earn engagements.

    Research hashtags to encourage users to drive campaigns

    Not just the content but we also meticulously design your cover and profile. We have a team of specialized designers that crafts out the images, colors and design for your social media posts that will engage your audience. We make your profile and cover look attractive. After all we are blend of intelligence and creativity.

    Contact with us today and experience the best in social media marketing.

    Why associate with a social media management agency?

    We have captivating answers to question above. They provide you with numerous benefits and advantages over those who don’t partner with social media management agencies.

    Learn more about why businesses partner with a social media service agency:

    1. Get top-tier expertise in the industry.
    2. Optimum utilizattext-dark font-weight-boldze them.
    3. Improve social media marketing ROI.
    4. Improve time management.
    5. Access advance marketing software.

    Get top tier expertise in the industry

    We have captivating NB digital technologies features a top team of social media specialist. As soon as you partner with us, you gain access to the best of the professionals in the industry.

    Additionally, we feature dedicated design, copywriting and etc, which allow you to take your business on another level. However, overseeing your social media internally comes with difficulties. You need to learn the ins and outs of different social media platforms. Plus, you have to research best practices, techniques, and strategies for various networks.

    Partner with NB Digital technologies and empower yourself with some of the best professionals in the industry.

    Optimum utilization of in house resources and maximize them

    You want to make most of your budget whether you are advertising or marketing. NB Digital technologies help you earn a good return on investment (ROI).

    It is tiresome to frame strategy, implement, and launch and monitor your social media marketing in house. It costs your team more time and efforts, affecting their full potential at work.

    Partnering with a social media marketing like NB Digital Technologies is a smart and easy solution.

    With us, you not only receivepersonalized social media marketing strategybut also eliminate the hassle of producing, launching, and optimizing your strategy. This alleviates your team from the responsibility of dedicating time and resources into creating a full-fledged strategy in-house.

    Improve social media marketing ROI

    Whenever a company invests in social media marketing, it’s looking for something in return, from increased brand awareness to improved sales. You want to deliver on their expectations, which is difficult with limited social media marketing experience.

    That’s where an experienced social media services provider can help

    They provide you tools, and strategy to increase leads and generate revenue. They save your companies time. You want a company like , NB digital technologies, that measure their success with your success.

    Improve time management

    Whenever a company This is a win win solution for you.

    When you associate with a profession social media marketing agency, you receive access to an social media marketing expert but also marketing on specific social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You also pass a series of time-intensive tasks off to someone else, which allows you to focus on what you need to finish.

    Social media marketing services pricing. What? How?

    Few factors decide the cost of social media marketing services:

    • scope of the strategy

    • social media platforms

    • agency experience and expertise

    • ad spend

    For more information on pricing, explore our social media marketing services plan.

    Our Social Media Services campaing impact the matrices that matter most

    1.5 Billion

    4.6 Million +

    1.8 Million

    in client revenue

    leads for our clients

    client phone call

    Invest in professional social media marketing services! Why?

    With advancement in technology and the world turning completely digital, many companies understand the importance of social media marketing. However, it’s a challenge to persuade decision-makers of certain companies to invest in professional social media marketing services. Therefore we have jotted down compelling reasons to invest in social media marketing.

    1. Social media contains the most number of targeted audiences.

    3.8 billion People use social media every day. Facebook alone flaunts a billion users every day. This shows how busy and powerful social media is. If you obliterate social media marketing from your digital marketing campaign, you are missing out on your targeted audience.

    2. Build valuable brand awareness.

    With ads and organic posts, you develop a relationship with current and new followers, making it easy for them to interact with your company through direct messaging or chatting through comments. Building brand awareness is a critical part in the buying journey.

    3.Maintain customer loyalty.

    With an active social media account, you not only get to interact with shoppers but also maximize their loyalty to your company. In the US 50% people following a brand on social media are loyal to it.

    4. Encourage repeated purchases

    When you post about new products, update your social handle regularly with new content, it helps users keep engaged and also motivate them to buy again from your company. Furthermore, they share your product or services with friends and families.

    5. Generate valuable leads

    Social media is also useful for B2B companies. In fact,more than 40 percent of B2B marketers have earned clients through Facebook , emphasizing the versatility of social media networks. Many B2B businesses overlook the value of social media, however, making it an opportunity for yours.

    Faq about social media marketing services

    Get answers to common questions about social media services here:

    What are social media marketing services?

    Social media marketing services are a type of social media service that grow your brand awareness, followers, and user engagement on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    What are social media advertising services?

    Social media advertising services are a type of social media service that promote your business on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media advertising can focus on driving follows, app downloads, website visits, and more. Partner with NB digital TEchnologies- a leading digital marketing agency and see your business scaling new heights. Contact us today

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